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We welcome Prof. Dr Maximilian A. Müller

New Professor for Financial Accounting

Default settings can favour faster CO2 compensation

Nudging study in "Nature Human Behaviour"

Honour for a global doer

WiSo Dean Ulrich W. Thonemann appoints honorary professorship to Dr Christoph Wolff.

Buddy Programme for the fall term 2022/23!

For visiting students of the WiSo Faculty

Deutschlandstipendium 2022

One-third of the more than 300 scholarship holders from the WiSo Faculty

The war in Ukraine and the inflation

WiSo professor Tom Zimmermann in the ECONtribute economics podcast.

Welcome home Sebastian Siegloch!

New Professor of Economics at the WiSo.

Make ideas work

Land approves further gateway funding.

Children with same-sex parents are socially well-adjusted

Same-sex families have strong resilience – new study by Mirjam Fischer

Why people get vaccinated

ISS scientists identify factors that determine people's willingness to be vaccinated.