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You would like to apply for an internship semester, do you need a certificate for an authority about the length of your studies etc. or a professor's report for a scholarship ...?

The WiSo Student Service Point supports you in particular with the issuing of various certificates, e.g.

the certificate of eligibility for an internship, the application for a semester off due to an internship, a professor's report or the proof for receiving BAföG benefits according to §48. For further information, please click on the respective certificate on the right. For "Internship Agreements", please contact the International Relations Centre or the International Office.

Your desired certificate is not listed? Then please contact the WiSo Student Service Point directly with your question.

Certificate of endorsement

The examination regulatation of the WiSo degree programmes do not provide a compulsory internship. Nevertheless the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences highly encourages students to pursue internships complementary to their chosen study path and beyond. Therefore, the WiSo Student Service provides certificates of endorsement to the WiSo students who want to pursue an internship during their Bachelor or Master’s degree course. If such a certificate is needed for an application, you can either ask for this certificate via e-mail and also attach a current certificate of enrolment or you just drop by during the opening hours and the WiSo Student Service team usually issues this directly.

Semester of leave due to internship

Conditions of Issuance

A prerequisite for the eligibility of the semester of leave due to an internship is that the duration of at least three months within the planned semester of leave can be proven in writing (e.g. by copy of contract, separate certificate of the employer...). The required three months can also be fulfilled by completing several short internships.

The WiSo faculty advocates a semester of leave through internships once in the degree programme (1x Bachelor and 1x Master). In addition, as a rule, no examinations or course work can be completed during a semester of leave.

Please also note that you cannot apply for a semester off due to an internship in the 1st semester. By the way, the number of semesters is not listed on your official transcript. Students from non-EU countries should first contact the International Office.


If you fulfil the above mentioned requirements, please submit the following documents:

  • Written confirmation from the respective company about the duration of the internship
  • Pre-completed application form form from the Student's Registration Office (in German only): Available for download as a PDF on this website
  • Signed PDF form "acknowledgement of basic conditions"

It is best to submit the documents as follows:

Important note:

Please submit the documents to the WiSo Student Service Point by 10.03. (semester of leave for the summer term) or 10.09. (semester of leave for winter term) so that the signed application can be submitted to the Student's Registration Office by the deadline of 31 March or 30 September respectively. Once the application has been processed, we will contact you so that you can send it to the Student's Registration Office.

Certificates for the BAföG office

The WiSo Student Service in general is your contact for BaföG-certificates.

For the Certificate of Achievement (Form Sheet 5) required by students eligible for BAföG support you can directly address to your clerk at the BaföG-office, if you have the required Credits. For more information see this PDF sheet.

In case of questions, problems or a request for BaföG within a semester abroad, you can apply to us personally during the WiSo Student Service opening hours or by post, thereby submitting the required documents. Please note the prerequisites and the fact that processing takes 4-5 workdays.


  1. Upon completion of the 4th course-related semester, you have attained the regular achievements; in the case of Bachelor studies, this means at least 80 credit points (in any case, 2/3 of the achievements required under the standard period of study). If BAföG support is being requested anew after an interruption of studies, or for the first time for studies abroad, students in advanced course-related semesters must have attained at least 2/3 of the achievements required under the standard period of study.
  2. For students in our Bachelor of Education progams, please contact the ZfL.

Required Documents

  • Transcript of grades issued by the Examination Office (original)
  • Academic confirmation about the enrolment
  • Specification of the BAföG Support Number
  • For queries, your phone number and e-mail address

Bafög im Bachelor mit bildungswissenschaftlichem Anteil

Auch im Bachelor Lehramt müssen Sie nach 4 Semestern als Empfänger von BAföG-Leistungen ein ordnungsgemäßes Studium nachweisen, um weiter gefördert zu werden.


Sie haben nach 4 Semestern insgesamt (in allen Studienbereichen) 60 LP errreicht.


Wenden Sie sich an das Zentrum für LehrerInnebildung (ZfL) und lassen sich eine Leistungsübersicht ausstellen, die Sie beim Bafög-Amt vorlegen.

Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie über die Homepage des ZfL.

Letter of Evaluation

Core Specification

At this point, the WiSo Course Guidance Centre informs students of the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences (WiSo Faculty) about the necessary steps and the documents required to obtain a professor’s appraisal in a so-called Letter of Evaluation.

Please note that the issuance of the Letter takes at least two to three weeks.


Please fill in the Evaluation Form

  1. with your personal particulars (Part I), making sure these are complete; Part II of the form is processed by the evaluator.
  2. Claim your transcript of grades and a ranking certificate from the Examination Office of the WiSo Faculty; these are handed out directly upon presentation of your exam ID (please observe opening hours). You can also phone and arrange to have the documents sent to you by post under the address you provided to the Office.
  3. Then forward the filled-in Evaluation Form (Part I), along with your transcript and the ranking certificate, to your evaluator (professor), preferably by e-mail
  4. The staff of the chair in question will contact you as soon as your evaluation has been completed; you can then collect your documents there in person.
    In case of any queries, please send an e-mail to:

We wish you a successful internship semester!