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Key Research Initiatives

Our world is facing great challenges and we, as one of the largest and most renowned faculties in Management, Economics, and Social Sciences, feel the obligation to address them. Aligned with our mission and vision, we enhance the relevance and impact of our activities. To foster joint research activities of the WiSo Faculty, four Key Research Initiatives (KRIs) have been established:


How data analytics and artificial intelligence are transforming society and organizations


Using modern methods of behavioural economics and econometrics to understand and evaluate the impact of management practices on behaviour and performance in firms


Examining the interplay between demographic change and social inequalities in contemporary societies


We explore the transition to sustainable energy and mobility.

These initiatives deal with issues of the highest social, corporate, sustainable and responsible relevance. True to our motto “Today’s ideas. Tomorrow’s impact.", they strive to develop solutions for these issues and promote research to be considered excellent by the highest international standards that demonstrate the potential for societal and organisational importance.

Each KRI consists of several WiSo Faculty members. When new faculty members are hired, we expect them to become part of a Key Research Initiative or one of our Research Centres. We also support Key Research Initiatives development by allocating the Cologne Graduate School scholarship holders to the Key Research Initiatives. The Key Research Initiatives ensure that doctoral students will receive particular support from the KRI and will be advised appropriately.

We have been established two research centers for interdisciplinary exchange and bundling of excellent research expertise during the Excellence Competitions: