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Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences

Research Profile

The Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences has a strong tradition in both fundamental and applied research. In research, we strive to fulfil our mission “Innovation for Society” by rigor and relevance. We strive for rigorous basic research published in top ranked scientific journals that is relevant for business practice, economics and the development of society.

Key Research Initiatives

Focusing on scientific excellence, we identified research initiatives within the Faculty across disciplines that achieve a critical mass of faculty members as well as competitive advantages in the respective field. The key research initiatives combine individual excellence in innovative interdisciplinary ways in collaborative research units. These units share a common research agenda, focus on collaborative research projects fostering interaction and joint research of Faculty members, including external researchers as well.

  1. Design & Behavior
  2. Behavioral Management Science
  3. Digital Transformation
  4. Demography and Social Inequality
  5. Markets and Governments

Research Areas and Research Institutes

On an organizational level, we have structured our research in the different fields of Management, Economics and Social Sciences in smaller organizational units of different sizes, ranging from few professors to large centers. In Business Administration, these are Accounting and Taxation, Corporate Development, Finance, Health Care Management, Information Systems, Marketing, Media Management, and Supply Chain Management. In Economics, the areas are Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Statistics and Econometrics. Finally, in the Social Sciences the areas are Sociology and Social Psychology, and Political Science.
Beyond these areas, the Faculty has several affiliated research institutes that bridge to practice-oriented research.

University-wide collaborations

Together with excellent scientists from other disciplines our researchers are also involved in the University of Cologne’s research institutions of the Excellence Initiative.