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Faculty Divisions

The Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences is characterized by a high degree of interdisciplinarity in research and teaching.

Diverse departments of business administration, economics and social sciences in one faculty address current as well as basic problems and issues of society, true to our mission: Today's ideas. Tommorow's impact.
Strong networking and continuous cooperation within the faculty and in distinctive networks with national and international partners, enables research and teaching methods with the finger on the pulse of time.

Business Administration comes under the economic sciences. The discipline focuses on microeconomic relationships and economic principles governing individual enterprises, and delivers insights into operational structures and processes.

Economics is a science which analyzes how economic agents interact in situations where resources are scarce, which institutions facilitate these interactions and whether the interactions can and should be influenced by policy.

Social Sciences at the Cologne WiSo Faculty split into Political Science, Sociology, Empirical Social Research and Integrative Social Science.