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If you are already studying B.Sc. Business Administration and would like to find our more about specific details of the Bachelor's degree programme, you will find what you are looking for on the "programme structure" page.

Key Facts

Degree: Bachelor of Science
Duration: 6 Semesters
Credits: 180 ECTS
Languages: German, English
Beginning: Winter- & summer semester
Content: Business Administration deals with the economic contexts and laws of a single company. It provides insights into operational structures and processes
International: Studies abroad, summer school, Business English course (optional)

This programme provides you with:

  • specialisation through interdisciplinarity: The strength of the programme is derived from the possibility of individual specialisation due to the large number of chairs in various areas of business administration as well as a wide range of courses from all areas of economics and social sciences. The WiSo Faculty of the University of Cologne offers a selection of specialisation opportunities that is unique in Germany.
  • intensification through small groups: Even at a large faculty such as the Cologne WiSo Faculty, personal approach is encouraged by working in small groups. This applies not only to the special courses offered in higher semesters but is offered in small groups in certain basic and advanced courses.
  • practical relevance: Application-oriented seminar courses are an integral part of the curriculum. While allowing the student to work in cooperation with companies, they likewise convey the practical relevance of the teaching material and are intended to enable students to apply the concepts and methods taught to solve practical problems.

You should have the following skills and knowledge:

If you are interested in studying business administration with us, the following professional and personal skills are needed:

  • willingness to perform and ability to work in a team
  • independent, goal and result-oriented learning
  • good mathematical understanding and analytical thinking
  • strong interest in economic issues
  • good verbal communication skills in German and English

By taking the online math test in ILIAS, prospective students can compare their knowledge and skills with the requirements of most of the degree programmes at the WiSo-Faculty (only in German).

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This degree programme inspires me, because it gives a very comprehensive insight into the reality of companies. We learn quantitative analysis methods and how to deal with practical decision-making tools that can be applied immediately. The material is taught by experts who have their finger on the pulse of research and practice.

Nicolas, Bachelor Student Business Administration at the WiSo Faculty

Programme overview

What is "Business Administration"?

Business administration as part of economics deals with the economic contexts and laws of individual companies and provides insights into operational structures and processes. The teaching and research subjects arise from questions that companies face.

Possible questions

The Bachelor's in Business Administration prepares to solve the following and other questions:

  • How can the procurement, production, warehousing, and distribution of a company be meaningfully designed?
  • In what legal form should a company be operated?
  • By which bodies is a company managed and supervised?
  • Which remuneration and incentive systems should companies use?
  • How is a company managed in a market-oriented manner?

  • Can the short and long-term success of a company be measured?
  • When does a company work profitably?
  • What does sustainable management mean?
  • How can a company promote the sale of its products?
  • How do you determine the value of a company?
  • What information do companies have to publish on the capital markets, and who checks its accuracy?

Optimal preparation for future challenges

The B.Sc in Business Administration thus prepares you with concrete, practice-related questions to be able to optimally solve these and similar challenges. Throughout the programme, an overview of all fundamental areas of business administration is gained, which can be intensified and specialised in your further professional career.

Prof. Dr Franziska Völckner

The B.Sc. in Business Administration at the WiSo Faculty in Cologne offers a broad basic training in business administration, while simultaneously providing the possibility of individual specialisation via a variety of offers in the supplementary and specialisation areas. In application-oriented modules, you can put analytical thinking and acting into practice by using the acquired knowledge and skills to solve practical problems.

Prof. Dr Franziska Völckner, Academic Director of the B.Sc Business Administration

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International orientation throughout the entire course of study

For the majority of our courses, we receive applications from a large number of different nationalities, so that you can look forward to an international and intercultural environment at the Faculty and also within your degree programme. Furthermore, a large number of courses are offered in English, depending on the specialisation.    

Optional semester abroad

The WiSo Faculty is a member of several networks of international universities, helping you spend a semester at one of the more than 140 renowned partner universities abroad. The programme is designed to complete a semester abroad in the fourth or fifth semester. We will be happy to advise you on your options and support you before, during and after your stay abroad.                 

An opportunity for global networking

With its balanced theoretical and practical approach, the degree programme prepares you for the entry into internationally-oriented professions and enables you to work in an internationalised environment. In addition, the WiSo Faculty has a broad alumni network of former students who work in all business areas around the globe.

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Career opportunities

A B.Sc. in Business Administration qualifies you for demanding and upscale business management tasks that are associated with career opportunities in management positions.

Employment opportunities for graduates arise in direct entry or through trainee programmes in companies in all areas of the economy, including:

  • industry
  • trade
  • logistics
  • energy and finance
  • services

Apply for a master's degree after your bachelor's degree!

Additionally, as a business administration student, you can deepen your specialist knowledge in a Master's degree programme after completing your bachelor's degree. This expands your corresponding specialist knowledge and makes it possible for you to specialise in certain professional fields. You can get advice from our specialist advisors on careers, internships and CV checks at the WiSo Student Service Point.

Worldwide alumni career network

By enrolling in the degree programme, you are already part of a large network of current and former students, our alumni. This gives you exclusive access to practice and business during and after your studies. Series of events and special coaching programmes establish contact with companies and other potential employers.

So that you can get an idea of student life at the WiSo Faculty, WiSo -alumni from business, science and society report on their experiences during their studies as well as their professional careers and challenges.


My Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from the University of Cologne provided me with a lot of knowledge for my professional future and was a door opener in many situations. After graduating, I had the opportunity to do a gap year and complete several internships at well-known companies. The professors are highly motivated and the courses are very interesting and deal with current topics.

Vivien, Alumna Bachelor Business Administration and Student Master Business Administration Marketing at the WiSo Faculty

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Application information

Detailed information and contact

We are happy to support you in your ambitions:

Beratungssituation: Dialog im WiSo Student Service Point

If you are interested in or have questions about our WiSo degree programmes, the student advisors at the WiSo Student Service Point will be happy to help:

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