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Financial Times

The Financial Times ranking assesses the world's best Business Schools and MBA programmes. It includes more than 100 programmes which must meet strict requirements in order to be considered. All the universities are internationally accredited and have offered their MBA programmes for at least four years; the programmes are completed by at least 30 graduates per year. The ranking is based on a number of criteria. First, the university is assessed through a survey of graduates who have studied full-time. 20 per cent of all the graduates must take part in the survey and complete at least 20 questions. At 59 per cent, the survey is given the highest weighting in the final ranking of the university. Other important criteria include diversity among staff, board members and students in terms of gender and nationality, the international reach of the MBA programme, the university's research ranking (as measured by the number of publications by full-time lecturers in 45 internationally recognised academic journals) and value for money (taking into account tuition fees and other costs as well as financial contributions from alumni).

Financial Times Ranking „Masters in Management"

In the Financial Times Masters in Management Ranking the CEMS programme of the Master’s in international Management (CEMS MIM) has achieved an average ranking of 2nd place in the national comparison over the last eight years, making it one of the top management training programmes in Germany.