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Our long tradition of fundamental and applied research provides us with the ideal basis to fulfil our mission through precision and relevance. In doing so, we strive to develop insights through rigorous fundamental research, which is published in relevant specialist magazines and is pertinent to business practice, the economy and the development of society. Through our interdisciplinary research approach, our seminars and institutes contribute significantly to the excellence at the University of Cologne.

Research Centers (Excellence)

We have been established two research centers for interdisciplinary exchange and bundling of excellent research expertise during the Excellence Competitions:

UoC Emerging Group: HPDnet

The interdisciplinary research group within the Project HPDnet is to analyze how Hospital pediatric departments (HPDs) can be efficiently organized in health care networks to improve the quality of care for children and adolescents with chronic diseases.

Key Research Initiatives

The „Key Research Initiatives(KRI) we have identified help us to provide individual excellence through innovative interdisciplinary approaches in special research units:

Thanks to our long-established subject variety, top-level research, practical relevance and internationality, we stand out in the national and international business education landscape. Top positions of our researchers in renowned rankings are testimony to the success of this strategy.

Excellent education of the next generation of academics is also very important to us. PhD students teach and conduct research in an extremely international and dynamic environment at our Cologne Graduate School in Management, Economics and Social Sciences (CGS) .

We offer all of our academics and researchers ideal conditions both in terms of work environment and work/life balance and special incentives for particularly motivated staff.

Prof. Dr. Marita Jacob

International, cutting-edge research in interdisciplinary research teams is a key feature of the WiSo Faculty. At the same time, we have a strong practical focus, which means that our research results can be applied and implemented in industry and are relevant to social and political processes.

Prof. Dr. Marita Jacob, Vice Dean of Academic Career

The WiSo-Faculty aligns its research activities with the DFG Code "Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Research Practice“.

Research at the WiSo Faculty: