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Access to our Top-Research databases

For a full list of databases licensed to our Faculty and access to these services please visit the following web page.


Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS)

Wharton Research Data Services is a web-based data research platform of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. WRDS is the de facto standard for business data, providing researchers worldwide with instant access to financial, economic and marketing data through a standardised web-based interface. WRDS has become the locus for quantitative data research and is recognised by the academic and financial research community around the world as the leading business intelligence tool. WRDS provides access to COMPUSTAT, CRSP, IBES, NYSE-TAQ, Bureau van Dijk, Global Insight, OptionMetrics and other important business research databases.

Capital IQ: Compustat

Capital IQ Compustat is one of the leading providers of financial market data. Compustat provides reliable, standardised data on companies and industrial sectors, key indices and foreign exchange for investment professionals, hedge funds and quantitative researchers.

Thomson Reuters: I/B/E/S

Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S provides users with detailed estimates of up to 26 key performance indicators such as balance sheet data, EPS data, sales, net income and profit for over 60,000 companies in 67 countries. All estimates received are verified, thus guaranteeing comparable and consistent data.

Center for Research in Security Prices: Stocks, Treasuries and Mutual Funds

The CRSP provides information on stocks, treasuries and mutual funds. The data service provides key data on a daily basis, such as price and quote data, trading volume und yield of shares at the NYSE, NASDAQ, Amex and ARCA stock exchanges. Data on treasuries includes descriptive and historical market data. Information on mutual funds includes identification numbers, fund objectives, compulsory fees and charges, returns and distributions.

Thomson Reuters: Datastream

Thomson Reuters’ Datastream provides users with access to extensive historical information on financial markets. Analysts can use a desktop application to examine connections and interrelations between global economic indicators and asset classes. The Datastream includes a vast time-series database and real-time market data.