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In addition to Double Master’s Programmes and the M.Sc. International Management (CEMS MIM), the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Cologne offers national and international consecutive master's programmes in the fields of Business Administration, Economics and Social Sciences and the Cologne Rotterdam Executive MBA.

Do you have questions about enrolment? Please contact the Student Application and Registration Office or the International Office (international students).
Get more information about the programmes and application requirements! Please enter the websites of the degree courses.

Please note:

The majority of our Master‘s programmes does not require proof of German language skills, as most programmes can be studied entirely in English or bilingually.

Our Master's Programmes

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Master's Programmes with WiSo-Participation

Students can study following joint-master of the Faculty of Arts at the WiSo-Faculty:

Generel overview of elective subjects at the WiSo-Faculty in joint-master programs of the Faculty of Arts:

  • Masterstudiengang Medienwissenschaft: Wahlpflichtfächer "Medienmanagement" und "Ökonomie und Soziologie der Medien"
  • Masterstudiengang Regionalstudien China: Wahlpflichtfächer "Betriebswirtschaftslehre", "Volkswirtschaftslehre" und "Sozialwissenschaften"
  • Masterstudiengang Regionalstudien Lateinamerika: Wahlpflichtfächer "Volkswirtschaftslehre" und "Sozialwissenschaften"
  • Masterstudiengang Regionalstudien Ost und Mitteleuropa: Wahlpflichtfächer "Volkswirtschaftslehre" und "Sozialwissenschaften"

Students can also study a Minor at the WiSo-Faculty within the Masters in

More information is available on the website of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

The WiSo Student Service Point will be happy to answer questions about your minors. For all other questions, please contact the Examination Office and the Student Service of the Faculty of Humanities.


Further information on how to apply is available here: Application.

We also like to encourage you to read our FAQ's!

Other Masters ER 2015

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities (“Philosophische Fakultät”) offers inter-faculty degree programmes (media studies and regional studies), which include a minor in economics or social science that is quite substantial in content. 

There are also a number of programmes on which it is possible, to varying extents, for students to take minors or complementary subjects. Two such programmes are:

  • Business Mathematics (with Business Administration/Economics or Economics as a minor)
  • Mathematics (with Business Administration/Economics or Economics as a minor)

You can find the necessary information on all programmes in which the WiSo Faculty is involved by clicking on the relevant one.

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