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The WiSo Faculty works in close cooperation with affiliated institutes. These institutes are scientifically directed by at least one Faculty professor and typically carried by associations, which focus on the advancement of applied research in a specific field.

Concerning the Faculty’s mission, these institutes aim to develop people and knowledge for a better world, particularly in regards to ethics, responsibility, and sustainability. Besides, they contribute to the Faculty’s motto Today’s ideas. Tomorrow’s impact. with their application-oriented and up-to-date research projects and findings.

Cooperation agreements between affiliated institutes and the University allow for the provision of contributions along six dimensions that are of particular importance to the WiSo Faculty.

Enlarging the scope of academic research Providing platforms for applied research Contributing to the scope and practical relevance of study programme
Providing access to institute networks for graduates Knowledge transferring activities (third-mission) Addressing common principles


Affiliated institutes located at WiSo: