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Bachelor of Science

Bachelor Management, Economics and Social Sciences

Driving sustainable Change

You are already studying Management, Economics & Social Sciences and would like to find out more about the details of your studies? Then please continue reading on the pages about the structure of the Management, Economics and Social Sciences Bachelor's programme.

Interdisciplinary • International • Interactive

Key Facts

Degree: Bachelor of Science
Duration: 6 Semesters
Credits: 180 ECTS
Language: English
Content: Interdisciplinary content from Economics, Management, Psychology, and Sociology
International: 1 Semester abroad mandatory

This programme provides you with:

  • Strong insights in societal challenges, such as climate change, inequality, and digital transformation
  • Management skills with a focus on solving new challenges
  • A truely global perspective as global challenges need global solutions

Starting from day one, the programme combines an entrepreneurial attitude with academic excellence. You will learn how to approach new problems, how to start your own initiatives and how to drive sustainable change. In order to gain a deep understanding of societal challenges, we provide you with state-of-the-art research findings in relevant fields, such as energy economics, social psychology and management science. You will learn advanced methodologies to rigorously analyse systems and to be able to draw evidence-based conclusions. In order to speed up your personal and academic development, you benefit from an innovative teaching and coaching concept.


I chose the WiSo faculty because it has a very good reputation and you study not only business administration, but also other disciplines such as economics and social sciences. Their applied research is trying to improve society.

Hannah, Student at the WiSo-Faculty

This programme is right for you if you are:

  • Active: you seek a decision-making position to solve challenges
  • Aware: you consider consequences on planet, society, and long-term prospects
  • Ambitious: you are willing to work hard to gain a rigorous understanding

This programme helps you understand the “big picture” regarding societal and environmental aspects and strategically evaluate and classify the complexity of relevant aspects. You will benefit the most from this programme if you want to actively pursue a management position for the purpose of shaping change. As you will gain insights in different disciplines, this programme allows you to specialise at a later point in time.


English-taught programme

As global challenges need global solutions, this programme is taught in English. For the majority of our study programmes we receive applications from a large number of different nationalities, which means we can ensure an international and intercultural environment for our students.

Mandatory semester abroad

Our cooperation agreements with an extensive number of excellent partner universities worldwide provide you with attractive options for your mandatory term abroad. In addition, you may enrich your studies through our short programmes or through a summer school, e.g. in New York.

Topics with international relevance

The global perspective will accompany you throughout your studies. This is the only way to ensure that you, as a future decision-maker, can competently face future challenges.

Prof. Dr Andreas Fügener

Our up-to-date research knowledge is applied in this programme and provides you with appropriate tools and knowledge. This helps you to approach future global challenges and to make comprehensive decisions for a better world.

Prof. Dr Andreas Fügener, Academic Director WiSo Bachelor

Career Opportunities

Being part of this programme, will ensure you have the knowledge and skills necessary in order to shape the future, considering the planet and society instead of the maximisation of profits. You will focus on entrepreneurship and develop a system thinking that will help to turn your career plans into reality.

In general, you could work in most potential management or economic positions. More specifically, you will focus on sustainability with a start-up mind set, i.e. creating new organisations or driving innovation in existing organisations.

Dr Julian Conrads

Corporate Social Responsibility means eliminating negative effects of entrepreneurial action as best as possible. It also means that companies develop solutions in their field of business that address acute challenges facing humanity. In this way, you can create positive added value for your company - for yourself and for society.

Dr Julian Conrads, Sustainability Manager of the Cologne Start Up FOND OF and Alumnus of the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences, University of Cologne

Exemplary jobs:

  • (Social) Entrepreneur
  • Managing new projects in a large corporation
  • Management position in an NGO
  • Position in (social) Start-Ups
  • Management position in companies covering sustainable topics Consulting
  • After your bachelor studies you may also apply for consecutive Master programmes in management, economics, or social sciences.

Application information and requirements

Detailed information and contact

We are happy to support you in your ambitions:

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For students the WiSo Student Service Point noffers not only advice on studying but also support on all aspects of career choice, career planning and the application process: