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Master of Science

Master in Sociology

Excellent education from a top-ranked institution

By joining this programme, you will receive training from an outstanding, internationally recognised faculty at Germany’s leading sociology department (first rank in Germany in the Shanghai Ranking in 2018-2023).

Furthermore, you will develop the valuable skills to solve real-world problems and challenges arising within organisations and our contemporary society.

This Master's programme in Sociology offers you a choice between the two specialisations "Social Research" and "Social and Economic Psychology".

Master Sociology - Social Research

The M.Sc. Sociology – Social Research (programme description) has a strong reputation for linking theory, methods, and substantive research. It will prepare you for an increasingly data-rich professional life. By taking introductory and advanced courses in empirical methods and statistics, you will learn to collect, prepare, analyse, and interpret data.

While developing these skills, you will get the opportunity to engage with a great variety of topics, such as ageing and health, family, education, labour markets, migration and integration, prosocial and antisocial behaviour, crime and deviance, social networks, or sociological theories and interpret data, as well as how to effectively present and communicate your results.

Master Sociology - Social and Economic Psychology

By pursuing the Master Sociology - Social and Economic Psychology (programme description) you will learn to use psychological theories in order to understand and solve problems in the areas of work, consumption and society. Social and economic psychological theories deal with a wide variety of questions, e.g.: how do people make decisions? What motivates employees? How do economic laypersons view the economy?

One focus of this programme is to provide you with tools on how to apply the knowledge you have acquired to practical issues.

With the beginning of the programme, you will receive a solid foundation in social sciences, and in the supplementary area, courses from other areas of the faculty (e.g. Corporate Development, Marketing, etc.) will enable you to develop an individual profile that will prepare you specifically for the job market.

The programme is interdisciplinary and open to students from different disciplines.