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Supply Chain Management

The mission of the Supply Chain Management priority area is to serve as one of the leading academic institutions in the fields of supply chain management and the management of production, services and logistics, as measured by our influence on the development of new theories and concepts, the transfer of new insights into practice and the quality of our teaching.

With eight professors, one academic director, three junior-professors and post-docs and and about twenty additional scientists, we cover the entire spectrum of supply chain management. Students are enabled to compile their own study programmes from a wide-ranging offer of lectures and courses according to their personal preferences. Our teaching maxims are scientific backing, practice orientation and international alignment.


Prof. Dr. Ludwig Kuntz

Prof. Dr. Fabian J. Sting

Prof. Dr. Ulrich W. Thonemann

Acad. Direktor Dr. Johannes Antweiler

Supply Chain Management and Production

Area Supply Chain Management

Prof. Dr. Andreas Fügener

Prof. Dr. Nicolas Fugger

Behavioral Supply Chain Management

Area Supply Chain Management

Prof. Dr. Daniel Wiesen

Health Economics, Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Incentives, Physician Behavior

Prof. Dr. Daniel Wiesen at "Find an Expert"

Department of Business Administration and Health Care Management

Prof. em. Dr. Dr. h.c. Werner Delfmann

Business Policy and Logistics

Werner Delfmann at "Find an Expert"

Area Supply Chain Management

Prof. Dr. Horst Tempelmeier

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Yingshuai Zhao

Dr. Jose Benedicto Duhaylongsod

Supply Chain Management & Management Science

Area Supply Chain Management


Dr. Julia Hilger

Supply Chain Management and Production

Department of  Supply Chain Management and Production