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18th CEMS Research Seminar 2021

Basic Information

  • January 20 - 24, 2021

Call for Submissions

Continuing the history, we have the pleasure to invite herewith to the upcoming 18th CEMS research seminar on Supply Chain Management and Logistics. The seminar will again allow for a wide range of potential contributions to all the different facets of research projects encompassing operational, tactical as well as strategic topics within Logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM).

The seminar is not restricted to specific approaches and research methods used may be quantitative modelling, quantitative empirical or as well of a more qualitative, conceptual nature.

Ideal submissions should, however, show a clear and well communicated research problem reflecting major trends currently evolving in scientific research and applied practice. Topics may relate - but are not limited - to the following research areas:

Configuration, mobilization, development of logistics networks and supply chains, and its functional areas e.g.:

  • Outsourcing and relationships
  • Governance and collaboration
  • Supply chain planning and execution
  • Procurement, production, distribution
  • Transportation
  • Warehousing, inventory management
  • Capacity aspects of SCM
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Information management
  • Digital supply chain
  • Reverse logistics and circular economy
  • Sustainability
  • Humanitarian logistics
  • Smart logistics
  • Resilient supply chains
  • Data analysis in supply chain and logistics
  • Supply chains of the future

Please feel encouraged to present your research and get inspiration in plenary sessions with an open minded group of researchers, eager to discuss and to reflect your thoughts, concepts, or results from different viewpoints within SCM field. The seminar addresses in particular but not exclusively PhD students and junior researchers who take the opportunity to discuss their research, to ask open questions and to retrieve intense feedback from other PhD students, PostDocs and professors. The best PhD student presentation (only students will vote for students) will be awarded.

The informal environment and ample opportunity for sports activities support the other major objective of the seminar to meet international colleagues for interesting discussions and networking.

In order to reflect different stages of research progress we have decided to split the contributions into three main categories.

CAT 1:  This category refers especially to first year/junior PhD students who want to present and discuss first ideas of their early research. To apply for this category you have to submit a short abstract (one page of text incl. references max! – no figures and tables allowed).

CAT 2:  This category refers especially to advanced PhD students or junior/senior researchers who intend to present and discuss selected results of their work in progress or last year PhD students or junior/senior researchers who intend to present and discuss current, final results of their work. To apply for this category you have to submit either an extended abstract (up to five pages max! incl. figures, tables and references) or alternatively a full paper (up to 15 pages max! incl. figures, tables and references). (In case of acceptance we would ask for an additional abstract including references for the seminar reader.)

CAT 3:  The third category is especially for junior/senior researchers who want to discuss and provide specific insights into their concepts of teaching, research or publishing strategies. To contribute to this category we ask you to submit an overview presentation on methodological / conceptual input (up to 2 pages max!). (In case of acceptance we would ask for an additional abstract including references for the seminar reader).

All page limits are based on our template which can be found at the upper right of this page. Based on these categories we will differentiate the schedule for presentations:

CAT 1:  20 Minutes (including questions and feedback)
CAT 2:  30 Minutes
CAT 3:  Time slots for this category may be discussed between presenter and organizers

Please clearly state to which catagory your submission belongs when handing in your abstract

(Note: In case that your submission indicates it, we may take the freedom to reassign it also to another category than the one requested)!

Submission / format template

Please post your categorized submission (CAT 1-3) by e-mail to  and CC to . Submissions should contain the title; a clear purpose of the paper; methodology; anticipated results or contributions to literature, industry or society. Please use our template and make sure to provide name of author(s), affiliation, mailing address, phone and fax numbers, e-mail address, as well as the desired submission category. We ask you to pay attention to the maximum page limits for submissions according to the submission categories you are applying for.

Important Dates

  • October 16, 2020            Submission deadline
  • November 06, 2020        Notification (at the latest) on accepted submissions
  • November 27, 2020        Registration deadline
  • January 20 – 24, 2021     18th CEMS Research Seminar
  • *Due to the global challenges in education, research based on the COVID-19 restrictions in 2020 with potential restrictions in 2021, the event might take place online if necessary.


You will be provided with further information regarding the registration process after your submission has been reviewed and accepted for the conference.

The registration fee is € 170 - The costs include access to the full program, coffee, dinner at Haus Bergkranz and the conference dinner. Other drinks and lodging costs are not included. The registration fee must be paid on an bank account in advance.

If the conference cannot take place due to COVID-19 regulations in Austria, the fee will be refunded.

Travel Directions

Haus Bergkranz
Schwarzwassertalstr. 14
87567 Riezlern
Google Maps Link

By Air
For those of you arriving by airplane, fly to Munich airport. From there, train services are available to Oberstdorf (train travel time is about 3h30min). For information on train connections check out the internet service of Deutsche Bahn German Railways (service available in English).

By Train
If you travel by train, take a train to Oberstdorf and take a taxi to Haus Bergkranz (costs about 30€).

By Car
If you come by car take the Autobahn Frankfurt - Karlsruhe - Stuttgart - Ulm - Kempten or Autobahn Frankfurt - Würzburg - Ulm - Kempten. From Kempten follow B19 to Oberstdorf - Riezlern/Kleinwalsertal. Drive through Riezlern until you reach Breitach Bridge (Breitachbrücke). Turn right into Schwarzwassertalstrasse until you reach No. 14 on your right hand side (opposite the Hotel Montana).


The seminar program will be posted shortly after finishing the review process of the submissions. Each day three sessions with a specific focus will be held with ample time in between the sessions.

The seminar starts with an opening dinner and with a welcome by the conference chair (Mario Guajardo and Petr Kolář) and finishes with a closing conference dinner at the restaurant Haller’s Posthotel, which is well known for its regional cuisine.

Location & Accomodation

The seminar will be held at Haus Bergkranz (Riezlern, Austria) in the Kleinwalsertal region. Haus Bergkranz offers neat and inexpensive bedrooms, but at a price of somewhat less luxury and comfort. You will have to share a room with other participants and you have to bring your own towels. Lodging costs for the full period are 140,00€ per person, including breakfast, lunch-to-go and (simple) dinner.

Important: Due to organizational issues and capacity restrictions at Haus Bergkranz for our 2020 conference, we cannot guarantee for single- or double-bedrooms. To avoid any inconveniencies we ask participants preferring these rooms throughout the entire conference to register as early as possible with Hotel Montana across the street of Haus Bergkranz’s conference room.

Alternative accommodations nearby Haus Bergkranz are the middle class hotels Montana and Alpahotel Walserstuba.

Full details on booking and payment procedures will be provided with the acceptance letter of your contribution. We organize the bookings for Haus Bergkranz with the registration. During the registration you will be able to indicate that you wish to stay at Haus Bergkranz.

Conference Organization

The CEMS Conference on Supply Chain Management is an annual event organized by the Faculty Group (FG) Logistics of the CEMS. The organizing team for the upcoming conference in 2021 is represented by:

  • Prof. Mario Guajardo, Professor in Operations Research, NHH Norwegian School of Economics
  • Petr Kolář, Assistant Professor, University of Economics, Prague
  • Prof. René de Koster, Professor of Logistics and Operations Management, Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)
  • AD Dr. Johannes Antweiler, Managing Director - SCM Area/SCM & Production, University of Cologne
  • Timo Kalmes, PhD student, University of Cologne
  • Marietta Rollmann, PhD student, University of Cologne
  • Dominik Walzner, PhD student, University Cologne

For questions related to the conference agenda and research topics do not hesitate to contact Mario Guajardo or Petr Kolar. For administrative matters like accommodation and payment, please contact