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Practical Orientation of our Study Programmes

Temporary Lecturers at the WiSo-Faculty

The WiSo-Faculty is distinguished by its long experience in the cooperation with temporary lecturers from different areas. A large part of the temporary lecturers are specialists and leaders that possess valuable experiences from diverse working environments. Through the involvement of temporary lecturers, sector- and industry-specific and up-to-date knowledge can be passed on to our students. This assures the practical orientation and the combination of theory and practise in our courses and promotes an exchange between students and companies. Furthermore, the direct relation to the working world is not only assured through the lecturers, but also through the specific and practical contents of our courses.

"My idea is to keep developing in my personal and professional life by being good to myself, other people, and our planet"

Student of B.Sc. Management, Economics and Social Sciences

Our Faculty's Internship Database

Our internship database offers students the opportunity to find internships that match their degree course and therefore directly contribute to their professional training. The internship database is operated by the WiSo-Career-Service.

In addition to the online services, the internship offers are also published on the message board of the dean's office.

Guest Lectures

In order for our students to gain insights into the business world and into specific areas, the university frequently invites personalities from these fields that present their professional realities and their fields of work. These lectures take place in the context of the weekly event series "Career Tuesday".