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Our Strategic Plan

The WiSo Faculty was founded in 1901 as a School of Commerce and has since expanded its scope to Economics and Social Sciences. We have over a century of experience in the education of new generations of business professionals, economists, sociologists and political experts. Our research has contributed to the advancement of theory and practice.

We are currently in a preferred position with an outstanding academic faculty, excellent study body, top services and great rankings. Looking ahead, we will face various challenges that we will meet by taking advantage of current opportunities and by leveraging our strengths. WiSo’s strategic development plan summarises out strategic goals and the integrated set of strategic initiatives to achieve them.

"Our idea is to invest in ourselves and in each other, to be aware of our privileges, to act mindfully regarding social and environmental responsibility and to inspire others to do so."

Students of B.Sc. Management, Economics and Social Sciences

WiSo's Strategic Goals

"My idea is to use the privilege of living in a country where everyone can express their own opinion to be creative and to change oppressive systems."

Student of B.Sc. Management, Economics and Social Sciences