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Improving Our Communication

We feel that a team spirit and a sense of belonging is essential to tackle current and future challenges and to embrace developments. WiSo has changed tremendously during the last decade and many stakeholders have actively contributed to the developments. We are currently revising our governance structure and are taking measures to ensure a target-orientated internal and external communication and participation. Furthermore, our alumni are an important element for connecting WiSo with the outside world. It is our goal to build a global and lifelong community and to enable connections between our alumni and WiSo.

"My vision is to fight for a peaceful society worldwide through dialogue"

Student of B.Sc. Management, Economics and Social Sciences

We already have found a new slogan, Today's Ideas. Tomorrow's Impact which will be communicated broadly. Our governance structure is currently being revised. Internal and external communication is an important element for involvement. We already have implemented some measures, such as a monthly WiSo Newsletter, an annual Summer Party, and an Annual Address. We are developing more and more elements for external communication and, on top of this, our Alumni Management has defined various initiatives which we will continue to implement.

WiSo's Strategic Goals