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Bachelor of Science

Social Sciences

If you’re already studying Social Sciences and would like to find out more about specific details of your bachelor programme, you’ll find what you’re looking for on the Bachelor in Social Sciences Programme Structure pages.

The bachelor programme in social sciences at the WiSo-Faculty of the University of Cologne offers a combination of social science and economic fundamentals, with a following focus on political science or sociology and social psychology. The common element of both areas is the teaching of methodical-analytical skills in order to be able to analyse social science related problems.

Political science looks at the arrangement and rules of societal cohabitation through generally binding decisions in (sub-) national, European and international contexts (and their interdependencies) from a theoretical and empirical perspective.

Sociology is concerned with social interrelations inside and outside of communities, societies and organisations.

Some examples of the questions Social Sciences students look at

  • What is the difference between parliamentary and presidential democracies?
  • How does European economic integration change national political economies?
  • What are the main aspects of Aristotle’s theory on how the polis comes into being and his concept of the political?
  • How can symptoms of the phenomenon referred to as “groupthink” be described using an example from American foreign policy?
  • Social structure: How does parents’ social background influence their children’s chances in life?
  • Methods/statistics: How can meaningful survey data be collected and interpreted?
  • Social psychology: When do people trust each other?
  • Sociological theory: What defines modern societies and how are they changing?


The connection between academic foundation and practical orientation as well as the possibility to set different emphases throughout their studies provide students with various career prospects in Germany and abroad. Graduates with a stronger profile in political science find possible fields of employment within political institutions (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, EU) and organisations (Parties, foundations), the media and associations on a national, European and international level as well as in the education system. Possible fields of employment for graduates with a stronger profile in sociology present in consulting and conceptual services in the area of market and social research, media and public relations departments of corporations and associations.

A good bachelor degree opens the possibility to apply for a consecutive master programme at the WiSo-Faculty, either in Political Science (Master of Arts) or Sociology (Master of Science).

The faculty supports its student´s ambitions e.g. through the WiSo Career Service.

Social Science - Bachelor of Science

Specialisation through Interdisciplinarity

Students can chose to either focus their studies on political science or on sociology and social psychology. As the faculty provides a wide range of modules, a topical focus can be made according to student’s interest.

Core element of social sciences in Cologne is a substantiated methodical-analytical education to formally analyse problems of social science. The programme is designed to enable students to critically assess empirical studies with respect to economic, societal, political and social psychological perspectives and correlations.


The professors are very supportive and there is a good relationship between them and the students.

Anne, sixth-term student, Bachelor in Social Sciences

The Alumni Network as a career jump

By enrolling in the programme you are already part of a large network of current and former students, our alumni. This gives you exclusive access to the practical and business world during and after your studies. Series of events and special coaching programmes establish contact with companies and other potential employers. To give you a better idea of your individual study time at the WiSo-Faculty, our alumni from business, science and society report about their experiences during their studies as well as their professional careers and challenges: or Google "WiSo Alumni".



Programme structure

The degree programme is divided into the core and advanced section, the supplementary section, the specialisation section and a bachelor thesis. The standard period of study covers 6 semesters and 180 ECTS points.

The core and advanced section teaches basics of sociology, political science and economics, whereas the supplementary section conveys methodical competencies and a deepening of further social science modules. In the specialisation section however, students have the freedom to choose either political science or sociology and social psychology to gain an individual profile.

Detailed information regarding the course structure can be found on our homepage in the area of programme structure.

Expectations and Requirements

The following professional and personal competencies will pave the way to successful studies:

  • professional commitment and ability to work in a team
  • studying independently as well as goal- and result-oriented
  • a high motivation to deal with social and economic questions
  • mathematical understanding and a good articulateness in German and English language

By taking the online math test, prospective students can compare their knowledge and skills against the requirements of most of the degree programmes at the WiSo-Faculty here (only German introduction).

Application deadlines for online application

The application deadline for the first semester is usually:

  • 15 July for the start of studies in winter semester

Please note a possible postponement of the application deadline due to the Corona pandemic. You can find binding information on the website of the International Office.

Apply online via the website of the Student's Registration Office | Non-EU/EEA citizens apply via Uni-Assist.

Note on applying for the higher semester:

New study structures (PO 2021) have been introduced for the winter semester 2021/22. As a result, a start of studies - even in a higher semester - is only possible in the Bachelor examination regulations of the PO 2021. A placement in a higher semester can only be made in the respective second semester for the summer semester 2022.

Please also note that courses and exams scheduled for higher semesters will be offered successively.

We are looking forward to your application!