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The WiSo Coffee bar Advent Calendar

Take a break in the WiSo Coffee bar of the Studierendenwerk Köln, and with a bit of luck, open a door!


Prof. Dr. Marita Jacob und Prof. Dr. Clemens Kroneberg, im Hintergrund der WiSo Schriftzug und eine Backsteinmauer. Beide lächeln.

WiSo researchers elected to DFG review boards

Prof. Dr Kroneberg and Prof. Dr Jacob successfully participated.
Ten cheerful students stand in front of the entrance to the WiSo faculty extension (a smooth sandstone façade with the WiSo lettering carved into it). They are pointing upwards, apparently at a vignette with the text

WiSo faculty twinkles in CHE ranking

Master's students praise Business Administration, Information Systems and Economics for study conditions.
Studierende in einem leicht ansteigenden, mäßig besetzten Hörsaal mit einer Ziegelwand im Hintergrund schauen in guter Stimmung nach links aus dem Bild.

Success for WiSo Faculty in the Times Higher Education Subject Rankings

National top ten positions 2024 reinforced.
Bild: Zwei Personen draußen. Umarmt andere Person von hinten andere gibt einen Kuss auf die Wange.

To what extent do factors such as intimacy, self-determination and democracy influence...

...the risk of separation between married and unmarried couples?

Our Faculty

Our faculty has a century of experience in the education of new generations of business professionals, economists, social analysts and political experts. During this time we have developed a tradition of close dialogue with our stakeholders and a focus on research that is relevant to the corporate world, to economic policy and to society at large. Today as in the past, our faculty is committed to further cultivating the unity of research and teaching which enables us both to deliver insights and to educate people, and in so doing to enrich business practice and broaden societal alternatives at home and internationally.

The WiSo Faculty

Today's ideas. Tomorrow's impact. in between dominoes

Today’s ideas. Tomorrow’s impact.

The strategic goals of the WiSo Faculty
Bewegugsverwischte Menschen bewegen sich auf der Treppe im Modulbau der WiSo-Fakultät


Prestigious rankings confirm our excellence in teaching and research.
Professor Bruno

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Working at the WiSo Faculty

Working at the WiSo Faculty

Our aim is to offer an ideal working environment.