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Darstellung von Viren auf grünem Hintergrund

Information about the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

WiSo Faculty and University of Cologne
Is reporting behaviour influenced by way of communication?

Is reporting behaviour influenced by way of communication?

Study by Seminar of Corporate Development & Business Ethics
Prof. Dr. Axel Ockenfels

"The government must take control of vaccine development"

Prof. Ockenfels in the Handelsblatt interview
junger Mann, lässig anelehnt an eine Mauer, mit einer Bibel in der Hand

Did you know that religious persons are not generally more satisfied with life than nonreligious persons?

New study by ISS researchers
Prof. Dr. Christian-Mathias Wellbrock

Content for free? - When online readers are willing to pay for journalism

New study by WiSo Prof. Dr. Christian-Mathias Wellbrock

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Our faculty has a century of experience in the education of new generations of business professionals, economists, social analysts and political experts. During this time we have developed a tradition of close dialogue with our stakeholders and a focus on research that is relevant to the corporate world, to economic policy and to society at large. Today as in the past, our faculty is committed to further cultivating the unity of research and teaching which enables us both to deliver insights and to educate people, and in so doing to enrich business practice and broaden societal alternatives at home and internationally.

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Working at the WiSo Faculty

Working at the WiSo Faculty

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