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Drei jubelnde Teammitglieder von Save the Grain auf der Bühne beim Enactus Race to feed the planet

Cologne students win global competition with project

Enactus project Save the Grain wins in Puerto Rico
Ältere Dame schaut lächeln aus dem Fenster.

Older people are more resistant to the lockdown

New study by ISS-researchers
Prof. Dr. Christian Schwens lächelnd vor einer Backsteinmauer. WiSo Logo im Hintergrund.

WiSo scientist becomes JBV field editor

Prof. Dr Christian Schwens becomes a new Field Editor with responsibilities in the area of International Entrepreneurship.
Mann in blauem Hemd und grüner Krawatte isst Salat aus einer Glasschüssel

Healthy with work colleagues

ISS study shows: Co-workers can influence healthy eating choices

Our Faculty

Our faculty has a century of experience in the education of new generations of business professionals, economists, social analysts and political experts. During this time we have developed a tradition of close dialogue with our stakeholders and a focus on research that is relevant to the corporate world, to economic policy and to society at large. Today as in the past, our faculty is committed to further cultivating the unity of research and teaching which enables us both to deliver insights and to educate people, and in so doing to enrich business practice and broaden societal alternatives at home and internationally.

The WiSo Faculty

Today's ideas. Tomorrow's impact. in between dominoes

Today’s ideas. Tomorrow’s impact.

The strategic goals of the WiSo Faculty


Prestigious rankings confirm our excellence in teaching and research.
Vier Hände legen gemeinsam ein WiSo-Key-Research-Initiatives-Puzzle.

Key Research Initiatives

Find out more about our Key Research Initiatives here.
Professor Bruno

Need an expert opinion?

Our "Find an Expert" service provides information about our researchers.
Working at the WiSo Faculty

Working at the WiSo Faculty

Our aim is to offer an ideal working environment.