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Solidarity with Ukraine

Cooperation with Russia suspended.

slightly stylised representation of the Ukrainian national flag. Blue over yellow stripe in sandpaper look

We are deeply shocked by Russia's attack on Ukraine and deeply concerned for the life and well-being of all people in Ukraine. Our solidarity goes to the entire Ukrainian population.

We have suspended cooperation with our Russian partner universities and institutions until further notice. We know that this step also creates injustices. We are aware that numerous scientists and students reject the campaign against Ukraine from the bottom of their hearts and are committed to peaceful and constitutional conditions. Nevertheless, this step is essential. The attack on the sovereignty of an independent state in violation of international law stands in stark contrast to the principles of peace, democracy and freedom of research and teaching, which are the basis of our academic activities.

We offer our advice and support to affected Ukrainian students in case of unforeseen academic challenges. Please find the offer on the website of the WiSo Student Service Point.

The University of Cologne has summarized further support offers on an information page: Support offers from the UoC

The Cologne University Foundation is asking for donations to benefit refugee students and academics has set up a donation account.