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The following interviews are from our series ‘WiSoAlumni Suces Stories’. Successful founders were interviewed who studied at the WiSo Faculty.

Dr. Juliane Kronen
Innatura GmbH
„Passion for sustainable alternatives“

Adela Kadiric
„I had not planned to become an entrepreneur.“

Victoria Blechman
"Only with diversely structured teams can ideas be brought to sustainable success".

Jana Kielwein
"Be brave, try things, and be willing to make mistakes.“

Wolfram Uerlich
goFLUX Mobility GmbH
„The intuition and the heart usually know which way to go“

Franziska Schaal
"Ever since I founded the initiative, I am very grateful for my large network.“

Mark Bommer
Klappt. GmbH
“What is most helpful is my circle of friends from Cologne University“