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Entrepreneurship deals with the founding process or the foundation of new companies. Accordingly, it is also characterized by proactive, innovative and risk-taking actions under uncertainty. More recent entrepreneurship literature, however, makes it clear that the phenomenon is more than the founding of one's own business and the efficient use of resources. This means that entrepreneurship also takes place in already existing small, medium-sized and large companies or other institutions (clinics, museums, charitable institutions, public or mathematical-scientific institutions). Entrepreneurial thinking and action is also applied by non-owners (so-called intrapreneurship or corporate entrepreneurship).

One of the decisive factors for the success of founders is a start-up-friendly climate. Against this background, the promotion of an entrepreneurial culture is a central concern of the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Cologne.

As Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences, we are particularly close to foundation topics and would like to support founders! On the following pages we provide an overview of the various activities of the University of Cologne in the field of entrepreneurship and the WiSo Faculty in particular.