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True to our „Today's ideas. Tomorrow's impact.“ mission, we maintain close relations with the business community so as to promote knowledge sharing between the realms of science and industry and a strong link between academic excellence and practical relevance. This approach brings great benefits in education, research, innovation and economic progress for all stakeholders, especially students, alumni and companies.

Practical relevance in our study programmes

We have many years’ experience in cooperation with temporary lecturers from different areas. The majority of our temporary lecturers are specialists and leaders with valuable experience from diverse working environments. Their input means that sector- and industry-specific, up-to-date knowledge can be passed on to our students. This ensures that our courses have a practical orientation, combine theory and practice and promote exchange between students and companies.
Furthermore, their specific and practical content, not only the contribution made by the lecturers, makes for a direct link between our programmes and the working world.

WiSo Career Service

The WiSo Career Service acts as a central point of contact for all matters relating to work experience and graduate employment. For students, these matters include internships, career counselling and guidance about applications and additional qualifications. The WiSo Career Service organises seminars, lectures and targeted programmes in cooperation with employers as well as external and internal experts. Together with internal Faculty and university partners, we offer support and concrete help to students considering their career choices. For employers, the WiSo Career Service is there to help if you are interested in WiSo Faculty activities concerning recruitment, employer branding or direct forms of cooperation.


Our vision is to create a global, lifelong community and link between our alumni and the WiSo Faculty. With the help of the WiSoAlumni network, we are supporting our current and former students to make contacts, deepen and shape the future together with us and other alumni. Our projects are as diverse as the people who support us, and the city in which we work. For most of our students, the years that they spent studying at WiSo are among the happiest times of their lives. New friendships that stand the test of time, life changing experiences, lectures, tutorials, shared flats, nights at cologne city and exams! Graduation is a particularly special occasion, as it is the goal every student works towards, however it is not the end of the WiSo experience. We aim to keep in regular contact with all of our alumni and friends through a dedicated programme of reunions, events, publications and correspondence, meetings and online networking sites. We want to know what you’re doing and hear your thoughts. Their opinion is important.

"'You are not here to accumulate knowledge, but to learn how to think.‘ This sentence from my first lecture at the University of Cologne has shaped me to this day. During my studies at WiSo, I learned the fact-based and analytical approach that still helps me today to solve strategic and abstract problems with the necessary depth of detail.

Tim Höttges,
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Deutsche Telekom (DAX)

Affiliated institutes

Our affiliated institutes promote exchange between the realm of cutting-edge academic research and practice. This exchange is brought to life by intensive networking and regular transfer of knowledge. The close-to-practice research on current topics and challenges facing the economy and society is only possible through contact with industry representatives. The services offered by our affiliated institutes include basic studies, commissioned studies, knowledge databases, events and lectures.

Advisory Board

We are in close contact with the Advisory Board. Its members are leaders of renowned companies, advisory bodies and political institutions at EU level. They have experience in various industrial sectors, international markets and disciplines. The experience and expertise of our Advisory Board members reflect our aspirations, our ties with industry and our desire to provide students with an inspiring, world-class learning experience.

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