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WiSo Values

The Process: Our values outlined in the Faculty Development Plan guide our actions and decisions.

To concretise and implement these guidelines in an organic way, we have defined the following 'PARTicipate' values in a comprehensive process involving all stakeholders of the WiSo faculty:

Plurality Authenticity
Responsibility Togetherness

These values thus largely reflect how we already work, but they are also intended to introduce new members of the WiSo community to our way of thinking and working.


That means for us:


  • We value academic freedom, including open discussions of opposing views
  • We value independent thinking
  • We strive for diverse and international faculty, staff and students
  • We value multi-disciplinary research
  • We value international cooperation within networks of academic institution



  • We value our academic heritage as a multidisciplinary Faculty
  • We value our local heritage of Cologne as a 2000-year-old multicultural city at the crossroads of trade flows
  • We value Cologne's spirit of ‘Lebensfreude’
  • We are honest with each other and present our authentic selves
  • We value curiosity, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit

WiSo Sustainabilty Days

Under the banner of “WiSo sustainability days”, have been a number of different activities going on with employees of the WiSo taking responsibility for our immediate environment, and also creating food for insects and bees sustainably.


  • We strive for excellence in research, teaching, outreach and administration
  • We strive for rigor and relevance in research
  • We strive for impact and are pragmatic
  • We feel responsible for contributing to a sustainable world
  • We adhere to high ethical standards


  • We value our WiSo-Faculty as a community
  • We work together to achieve our WiSo goals and respect broadly supported decisions
  • We value all stakeholders and consider their interests
  • We strive for a sense of belonging and interact in a respectful and friendly manner
  • We value collegiality and collaboration

“My idea is to create more fairness in the world and to inspire people to an eco-friendly way of living. I want to strengthen the social bond amongst our society and support companies becoming more sustainable.”

Student of B.Sc. Management, Economics and Social Sciences