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Top scores for the WiSo Faculty in the ARWU Ranking 2021

WiSo Faculty harvests in recent Shanghai Ranking.

WiWo Ranking 2021 WiSo in excellent positions

WiSo Faculty can confirm 2020 rankings also in 2021

Vaccination willingness in the COVID-19 pandemic

Interim study report provides solid figures on current discussions concerning the Corona pandemic.

Face-to-face contact makes pupils happier than online

Report of the SOCIALBOND project.

Commemorative in honour of Prof. Dr Wolfgang Leidhold

Ilias inventor turns 70

Exemplary digital teaching offers

Showroom digital teaching shows how digital teaching can work in the long term.

Does Covid-19 make domestic gender roles more equal?

New study on the gender-specific distribution of roles during the pandemic

Brain doping: Seduction for parents?

#wisoidea - ISS-Researcher Sebastian Sattler on the abuse of ADHD drugs on healthy children.

WiSo Alumni Interview with Dominik Enzenauer

Our alumnus Dominik Enzenauer - founder and CEO of Topikon - answers some exciting questions in our latest alumni…

Expert Council: Germany would probably have reached its climate target in 2020

Expert Council on Climate Issues evaluates emissions data estimate of the Federal Environment Agency for the first time.