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Exzellenz-Podcast: Pandemic and unequal Educational Opportunities

WiSo Professores Matthias Sutter and Pia Pinger for ECONtribute

Vaccination readiness in the COVID 19 pandemic

A second interim study report provides further figures.

Bringing urban traffic into balance

goFLux CEO Wolfram Uerlich in the current WiSoAlumni interview.

Long-term Career-Impact: Prof. Dr Reinartz

#wisoimpact – Reinartz top quoted economist

"Gateway" becomes a joint brand

Cologne academies expand joint start-up advisory and support services.

COVID-19 worsens prosocial behaviour among young people from poorer backgrounds

Economic study by WiSo-Professor Matthias Sutter.

It's about empowering people to deliver their best

CEMS alumni interview with Alexander Schuett.

Every fifth adult is estranged from the father

#wisoimpact - New study by Prof. Dr Karsten Hank with data from the pairfam panel

Dean’s address for the winter semester

A faculty full of opportunities

Classroom composition affects minority students social integration and identities

New study by Prof. Dr Clemens Kroneberg suggests re-consider class allocation.