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Information about the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

WiSo-Faculty and University of Cologne

New professorship at the WiSo Faculty

Tom Zimmermann receives full professorship.

Does classroom composition affect minority students’ social integration and identities?

New study by Prof. Dr Kroneberg suggest to re-consider allocation to school classes

Lea Ellwardt appointed to Heisenberg Professorship

ISS researcher in the programme for outstanding scientists.

Software to detect fake news on the financial market in real-time

The Cologne Institute for Information Systems (CIIS) launches BMBF-funded research project and becomes part of the…

How important are social norms for our economic behaviour?

Dr Felix Kölle on the influence of normative and empirical expectations.

Peter Cramton newly elected Fellow of the Econometric Society

WiSo Professor Peter Cramton has been appointed a Fellow of the Econometric Society this autumn.

Success for young Wiso academics

in the Handelsblatt VWL Ranking 2021.

The ECB, green bonds and the climate crisis

#wisoidea - WiSo professor Francesco Giovanardi on the preferential treatment of green bonds as a climate policy…

Social distancing measures in the spring of 2020 effectively curbed the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany

Quasi-experimental economic study by Wiso-Professor Emanuel Hansen: Early contact restrictions and school closures…

Planning of classroom teaching in the winter semester

WiSo Dean Ulrich Thonemann on the prospects and planning for the coming winter semester.