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Information about the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

WiSo-Faculty and University of Cologne

Professor Bettzüge appointed to expert council for climate issues

WiSo-Prof. Dr. Marc Oliver Bettzüge and four other scientists will in future advise the Federal Government in the new,…

Student survey on online teaching

WiSo student survey shows a differentiated picture: online teaching works, but some worries remain.

Is reporting behaviour influenced by the way of communication ?

Study by Seminar of Corporate Development & Business Ethics researcher

Dr. Julian Conrads

"The government must take control of vaccine development"

Prof. Ockenfels in the Handelsblatt interview

Did you know that religious persons are not generally more satisfied with life than nonreligious persons?

New study by ISS researchers Katharina Pöhls, Thomas Schlösser and Detlef Fetchenhauer

Content for free? - When online readers are willing to pay for journalism

With a systematic literature review, Christian-Mathias Wellbrock, Daniel O'Brien and Nicola Kleer identify driving…

Mitigating the consequences of electromobility

Adaptive pricing can help ensure grid stability as demand for electric vehicles increases, according to a study by WiSo…

In Video: When Does Market Share Matter?

The relationship between market shares and financial firm performance Vividly explained in the video by WiSo researcher…

Direct taxation of CO2 enables more voluntary action in climate protection

Experimentally supported study by WiSo-Professor Axel Ockenfels.