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Prof. Dr. Claudia Loebbecke elected to the WDR Administrative Council

In a public meeting, the Broadcasting Council of WDR elected Prof. Dr. Claudia Loebbecke as a new member of the WDR…

The pandemic offers opportunities to redefine leadership

New CEMS report sets priorities for business leaders, educators and young professionals in a post-COVID world.

HR Ranking "Wirtschaftswoche 2020"

WiSo confirms top position

Axel Ockenfels receives Hans Kelsen Prize 2020 from the University of Cologne

For his outstanding scientific achievements over the past six years, Axel Ockenfels is to receive the Hans Kelsen Prize…

Victims of crime earn less

Victims earn up to 12.9 per cent less in the aftermath of a crime and are more dependent on social benefits / evaluation…

Who lives longer: Grandparents or non-grandparents?

Findings from the Health and Retirement Study (HRS) by WiSo Professor Lea Ellwardt.

Young banking researchers of the WiSo faculty receive the FIRM Yearbook Award

The researchers Florian Neitzert and alumni Dr. Matthias Petras of the University of Cologne’s WiSo Faculty’s Department…

Expansion of the traditional retail model

In a new study, WiSo Professor Werner Reinartz examines Douglas' path to a multi-channel beauty platform.

Rethinking business: Disruptions like the corona crisis also create new opportunities

In a new Study WiSo-Professor Jan Recker analyses the importance of historical times of change and the significance of…

Online food retailing: Only temporary thrust by Corona measures

Study on German online food retailing in Corona times shows: Despite disproportionate growth, a general trend towards…