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WiSo Marketing

WiSo Marketing offers the following services across the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences:

  • press relations work in cooperation and coordinated with the University’s Press, Communications and Marketing Department (Department 8);
  • a “find an expert” service for research topics at the WiSo Faculty;
  • management and continued evolution of the Faculty‘s social media channels;
  • management of other information channels such as news published on the website and infoscreens at the WiSo Faculty;
  • WiSo Faculty website and editorial management and evolution of content in the following sections: Faculty/Managing Board, Research, Corporate, Service (Student Services, International: International Relations Center (“ZIB”)); advice on content for departments/institutes;
  • event management: organisation, staging and supervision of Faculty-wide events, advice on events at Faculty level;
  • alumni management: design, staging and continuing development of activities intended to ensure alumni involvement;
  • coordination of translation of editorial texts for website and PR documents into English; and
  • co-authoring and implementation of a Faculty-wide marketing strategy in cooperation with the Faculty’s Marketing Commissioner

In all these areas, WiSo Marketing works closely with the WiSo Managing Board and all otherWiSo institutions as well as the University-wide marketing department (Department 8). The staff are happy to advise institutes, departments and other areas of the Faculty on university marketing matters and other PR activities.

Director of WiSo Marketing

Daniel Scheu

Universitätsstraße 91
50931 Cologne

+49 (0) 221 470 2443


Daniel Scheu is in charge of all marketing and PR activities at Faculty level. He draw up an annual Faculty strategy. The measures he derives from the strategy are coordinated, managed, evaluated and evolved within the WiSo Marketing department.

Having successfully completed his Business Administration studies at the University’s WiSo Faculty, he worked as a WiSo course advisor from 2009 to 2013 and helped set up the WiSo Student Service (“Studienberatungszentrum”), under the direction of the long-time Managing Director of the Faculty, Dr Gunther Zander. In 2013 he took on the press and public relations duties at the Faculty and continuously developed the area further.

As new tasks were added, the marketing team grew to its current staff of four. When the marketing activities were separated off from the Dean’s Office to form a new unit at the beginning of 2016, he became manager of the new WiSo Marketing department. In 2018, he successfully completed his MSc in Science Marketing as an additional qualification.

Online Editor

Thomas Zab

Universitätsstr. 91
50931 Cologne

+49 (0) 221 470 89258


Thomas Zab is responsible for the WiSo Faculty website since August 2019. In addition to the editorial content, he takes care of the news  among other things. He is also responsible for all social media channels of the WiSo Faculty  (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Mastodon, LinkedIn). He also answers press enquiries, finds experts and writes articles for various media, including target-group-specific newsletters.

Together with Nelson Marambio from WiSo IT and INfrastructure, he also regularly offers TYPO3 introductory courses for staff.

For press releases, please contact Department 8: Press and Communications.

Media Design

Lukas Brehm

Universitätsstr. 91
50931 Cologne

+49 (0) 221 470 89141


Lukas Brehm has been responsible for the design of visual media, including video material in particular, since August 2021. He is the contact person for the visual design of communication measures as well as cross-media campaigns of the WiSo faculty. With the goal of a uniform brand communication, he constantly adapts the existing corporate design to current developments and communicates them internally.

In addition, he advises faculty institutions and chairs in the context of visual media production and design, and offers support in the form of training courses on the proper use of video technology at the faculty's Creative Video Studio.

Alumni Management

Pascal Tambornino

Universitätsstraße 91
50931 Cologne

+49 (0) 221 470 4558


Pascal Tambornino is responsible for the WiSo faculty Alumni network since January 2023.
Numerous WiSo alumni have laid the foundation of their careers at the University of Cologne. And they stay in contact with their alma mater through the alumni community even years after graduation. They benefit from a regular exchange with former fellow students as well as with members of the WiSo faculty.

Event Management

Andrea Leon Diaz

Universitätsstraße 91
50931 Cologne

+49 (0) 221 470 6205


The Event Management is responsible for the planning, staging and external communication of conferences, ceremonies and seminars on behalf of the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences. Ms Leon Diaz is the person to contact for any questions concerning the organisation of internal and external events. She advises and assists Faculty members before and after the conferences they hold on management, economics and social science matters.

She also works with the Professional Appointments Department to organise welcome ceremonies for new professors and staff as well as supporting the WiSo Faculty’s online editorial team by supplying content for all web-based media channels.

Administrative Support

Bettina Amann

Universitätsstr. 91
50931 Cologne

+49 (0) 221 470 89257