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Liaison Lecturer at the WiSo Faculty

In cases of discrimination, violence, bullying

The liaison lecturer are responsible for discrimination in all applicable areas, such as discrimination based on skin colour, ethnic origin, religion, gender, age and sexual orientation.

They can initially be contacted by post or e-mail. They then decide whether a procedure is necessary and whether they are competent in the case. Subsequently, a separate hearing of the parties takes place combined with the search for an amicable solution. If this is not successful, the matter is referred to higher university authorities.

All messages or enquiries are treated with absolute confidentiality! After an initial contact by e-mail, a personal meeting can be arranged. Confidentiality remains assured as long as it is desired and possible.

Liaison Lecturer at the WiSo Faculty

Prof. Dr. Pia Pinger

Postal address:
University of Cologne 
Department of Economics, SSC
Universitätsstraße 22
50937 Cologne, Germany


Prof. Dr. André Kaiser

Please contact by post:

Prof. Dr. André Kaiser
Cologne Center for Comparative Politics: CCCP
Postfach 411020
50870 Cologne, Germany

In addition to the liaison lecturer at the faculty, there are other representatives and lecturers of trust at the central level of the University of Cologne who can be contacted independently of the faculty and who are responsible for coordinating the activities of the contact persons of individual faculties as well as for overarching issues.

• Overview: Liaison Lecturer at the University of Cologne

Information about the (counselling) services and activities of the UoC in the field of action Critique of Racism can also be found here at the Gender Equality & Diversity Department.