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Research transfer, start-up and innovation


Research transfer includes the exploitation of research within the framework of technology and innovation transfer as well as the transfer of knowledge of current research results.

A particularly effective form of the economic exploitation of research results is the establishment of companies. The WiSo Faculty is involved in the field of entrepreneurship in a variety of ways, among others through the Professorship in Entrepreneurship and Mangement at the University of Cologne (Prof. Dr. Christian Schwens). You can find out more about this and about concrete start-ups in connection with our faculty on our website: Entrepreneurship.

The most important channel of knowledge transfer is teaching. The WiSo Faculty of the University of Cologne therefore attaches great importance to the fact that teaching in all disciplines refers to current research results and is practice-oriented. The focus of science communication also involves the interested public and stakeholders from all areas of life in the scientific discourse. The WiSo Faculty also cooperates with the Cologne School of Journalism (Kölner Journalistenschule), whose students, for example, have already prepared our research results in a video interview series with professors of our Faculty. You can see some examples of these videos here:  "Business needs more moral" (Bernd Irlenbusch), “Overtreatment is a waste of resources” (Matthias Sutter), "Gay and lesbian family issues" (Karsten Hank).


Examples of cooperation with companies

Cooperation with educational institutions