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Quality management

Quality management at the WiSo Faculty is divided into three consecutive and overlapping parts: Data Gathering & Programme Administration, Programme Evaluation and Portfolio Management

1) Data Gathering & Programme Administration

This part comprises various measures for gathering data as well as regular programme administration. These take place at monthly, six-monthly or annual intervals.

Representatives of the Student Council are invited to the monthly roundtables run by the Programme Management team so that students can contribute immediate feedback regarding programme delivery. In addition, the Programme Management team reviews the WiSo Faculty’s teaching and course portfolio each semester to ensure that all the courses in its study programmes comply with the module guides and exam regulations. It also checks that the compulsory modules do not overlap and are achievable in line with the recommended study plans.

A further quality assurance instrument at module and course level is the evaluation of teaching in all the Faculty’s courses by the students and the WiSo Evaluation Centre each semester. The annual graduate and student surveys supplement the monthly roundtables and are a source of additional student feedback.

2) Programme Evaluation

Each study programme is reviewed every two years. This particularly includes an analysis of the key performance indicators. The results from these reviews form the basis for recommendations on action to be taken for further developing the programmes. So that these recommendations dovetail with the Faculty’s strategy, decisions are coordinated with the Dean’s Office and the Academic Advisory Council.

3) Portfolio Management

The third component of quality management is a review of the WiSo Faculty’s programme portfolio overall. The focus lies on key aspects such as programme coherence, developments in research and practice in the individual departments, availability of staff and material resources as well as changes in employer demand and expectations. The Portfolio Management process is linked to the national (re)-accreditation process that takes place every 5-7 years.

Additional internal and external quality management measures

In addition to the Faculty’s own quality management measures, the University has developed a central quality assurance system for all its faculties. This includes, for example, what are known as “Status Quo Dialogues”. Each year, the Vice-Rectorate for Teaching and Studies selects a programme from each faculty and evaluates it accordingly. Part of this evaluation is an extensive survey amongst students as well as a questionnaire completed by the Programme Management team and the Academic Programme Directors. The Annual Teaching Report, which contains the key performance indicators (KPI), significant changes to study programmes and the overall programme portfolio, is also part of university-wide quality assurance.

Since we are members of the CEMS Alliance, we are obliged to comply with the alliance’s requirements and criteria too. The WiSo Faculty is assessed every five years by an expert appointed by the alliance and additionally conducts a special evaluation of the CEMS courses each Semester.

Rankings confirm stakeholder satisfaction with the Faculty’s programme design, content and delivery, for example that of the Wirtschaftswoche periodical or the “Masters in Management” ranking of the Financial Times. Further information about how we rank can be found here.