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CEMS CV Clinic on April 9

Get Started - CEMS CV Clinic

Do you want to gain clarity about your unique competencies, interests, and expectations for your professional life? Are you eager to discover how to showcase your unique capabilities and accomplishments on your CV?

Then join us at the Get Started – CEMS CV Clinic happening this April!

Over lunch, you will have the chance to get insights from expert counselor of the WiSo-Career-Service on how to enhance the quality and effectiveness of your CV, to increase your chance of jumpstart or advance in your career. Enjoy the benefits of a group consultation in a trusting atmosphere, in which you’ll be able to self-reflect and get guidance for your professional future.

It will happen as it follows: we will begin with a short presentation entailing tips on your working opportunities as a graduate student and how to build an effective application portfolio. Then, after the general guidelines, you will have the chance to have your own CV analyzed and improved through the advice and feedback of our expert.

The CEMS CV Clinic will provide you with all the knowledge to write your CV in the best way possible: we will cover content optimization, formatting and layout, customization, language and grammar, and more.

Are you ready to reflect on and develop your personal and professional goals? We are waiting for you at Get Started – CEMS CV Clinic!

Date: Tuesday, April 9, 2024
Time: 12.00 am - 2.00 pm
Location: WiSo Building 101 - Room S241
Language: English
Registration: The event is limited in number of participants. Only for CEMS, register below. New dates are in planning!

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CEMS CV Clinic - SoSe24

Please note that we might use your uploaded CV as an example for our discussion during this event. The upload is voluntary!