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Research focuses

Microeconomics, Institutions and Markets

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Curriculum vitae

  • Since 05/2020: Associate Professor (W2), University of Cologne
  • 2018-2020: Assistant Professor, University of Gothenburg
  • 2015-2018: Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Gothenburg
  • 2010-2015: MRes/MPhil/PhD student, University College London
  • 2005-2010: Studies in Economics, University of Bonn & ENSAE Paris

Selected publications

Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Bindler, Anna, Randi Hjalmarsson, Nadine Ketel and Andreea Mitrut ”Discontinuities in the age-victimization profile and the determinants of victimization,” conditionally accepted at The Economic Journal
  • Bindler, Anna and Nadine Ketel (2022) "Scaring or scarring? Labour market effects of criminal victimisation", Journal of Labor Economics, 40(4): 939-970.
  • Bindler, Anna and Randi Hjalmarsson (2021) "The impact of the first professional police forces on crime", Journal of the European Economic Association, 19(6): 3063-3103.
  • Bindler, Anna and Randi Hjalmarsson (2020) "The persistence of the criminal justice gender gap: Evidence from 200 years of judicial decisions," Journal of Law & Economics, 63(2): 297-339.
  • Bindler, Anna and Randi Hjalmarsson (2019) "Path dependency in jury decision-making", Journal of the European Economic Association, 17(6): 1971-2017.
  • Bindler, Anna and Randi Hjalmarsson (2018) "How punishment severity affects jury verdicts: Evidence from two natural experiments", American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 10(4): 36-78. (A previous working paper version can be found here.)
  • Bell, Brian, Anna Bindler and Stephen Machin (2018) "Crime scars: Recessions and the making of career criminals", Review of Economics and Statistics, 100(3): 392-404.
  • Bindler, Anna and Randi Hjalmarsson (2017) "Prisons, recidivism and the age-crime profile", Economics Letters, 152: 46-49.

Other Publications

  • Bindler, Anna and Randi Hjalmarsson (2022) "Hur strängare straff påverkar sannolikheten för bestraffning", Ekonomisk Debatt, 4/2022.
  • Bindler, Anna and Randi Hjalmarsson (2021) "Do police reduce crime? Evidence from the 1829 introduction of the London Metropolitan Police", CAGE Policy Briefing, no.31.
  • Bindler, Anna, Randi Hjalmarsson, and Nadine Ketel (2020) "Costs of Victimization." In: Dave Marcotte and Klaus Zimmermann (eds) Handbook of Labor, Human Resources and Population Economics. Springer, Cham.

Selected media publications

  • “Tough love: How abolishing the death penalty led to more convictions”, The Economist, Apr 12th 2017 edition.
  • “Britain’s new underclass: Hiding in plain sight”, The Economist, Apr 22nd 2015 edition.