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Christoph Rosenkranz

Christoph Rosenkranz - Integrated Information Systems

Research focuses

Information Systems Development, Open Source Software Development, Project and Program Management, Business Process Management, Electronic Healthcare, Digital Transformation, Digital Innovation, Digital Design;

Curriculum vitae

  • Since 2021 Academic Director of the Bachelor's program "Wirtschaftsinformatik", University of Cologne
  • 2019 to 2021 Academic Founding Director of the Master's program "Business Analytics and Econometrics", University of Cologne (together with Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ketter)
  • Since 2019 Deputy Managing Director of the Cologne Institute for Information Systems, University of Cologne
  • 2018 Visiting Researcher, Department of Computer and Information Sciences, Towson University, Boston, Maryland, USA and Saunders College of Business, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, USA
  • Since 2014 Professor of Information Systems (W2) Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences, University of Cologne
  • 2013 Visiting Research Fellow, Faculty of Informatics, University of Wollongong
  • 2010 Visiting Researcher, Business Process Management Group, Queensland University of Technology & SAP Research Australia
  • 2010 to 2013 Assistant Professor of Information Systems (Akademischer Rat auf Zeit), Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Goethe University Frankfurt
  • 2009 Ph.D. (Dr. rer. pol.) in Economics and Business Administration (highest honors), Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Goethe University Frankfurt

Selected publications

  • Berente, N.; Martin, K.; Rosenkranz, C.: Test-Driven Ethics for Machine Learning. Communications of the ACM. Angenommen zur Veröffentlichung 2023.
  • Lehmann, J.; Recker, J.; Yoo, Y.; Rosenkranz, C.: Designing Digital Market Offerings: How Digital Ventures Navigate the Tension between Generative Digital Technology and the Existing Environment. MIS Quarterly 46 (2022) 3, 1453-1482. https://doi.org/10.25300/MISQ/2022/16026.
  • Basten, D.; Müller, M.; Ott, M.; Pankratz, O.; Rosenkranz, C.: Impact of Time Pressure on Software Quality: A Laboratory Experiment on a Game-theoretical Model. PLOS One 16 (2021) 1, https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0245599.
  • Hennel, P.; Rosenkranz, C.: Investigating the “Socio” in Socio-Technical Development: The Case for Psychological Safety in Agile Information Systems Development. Project Management Journal 52 (2021) 1, https://doi.org/10.1177/8756972820933057.
  • Janiesch, C.; Rosenkranz, C.; Scholten, U.: An Information Systems Design Theory for Service Network Effects. Journal of the Association for Information Systems 21 (2020) 6, https://doi.org/10.17705/1jais.00642.
  • Recker, J.; Holten, R.; Hummel, M.; Rosenkranz, C.: How Agile Practices Impact Customer Responsiveness and Development Success: A Field Study. Project Management Journal 48 (2), 99-121.
  • Rosenkranz, C.; Holten, R.; Behrmann, W.; Räkers, M.: Supporting the Development of Data Warehouses by Agile Practices: A Communication Theory-Based Approach. European Journal of Information Systems 1 (2017) 26, 84-115, doi: doi:10.1057/ejis.2015.22.
  • Rosenkranz, C.; Holten, R.; Räkers, M.; Behrmann, W. (2016): Supporting the Design of Data Integration Requirements During the Development of Data Warehouses: A Communication Theory-Based Approach. In: European Journal of Information Systems. DOI: 10.1057/ejis.2015.22.
  • Grgecic, D.; Holten, R.; Rosenkranz, C. (2015): The Impact of Functional Affordances and Symbolic Expressions on the Formation of Beliefs. In: Journal of the Association for Information Systems. Volume 16, Issue 7, 580–607.
  • Grigore, M.; Rosenkranz, C.; Sutanto, J. (2015): The Impact of Sentiment-driven Feedback on Knowledge Reuse in Online Communities. In: AIS Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction. Volume 7, Issue 4, 212–232.
  • Hummel, M.; Rosenkranz, C.; Holten, R. (2015): The Role of Social Agile Practices for Direct and Indirect Communication in Information Systems Development Teams. In: Communications of the Association for Information Systems. Volume 16, Issue 1, 273–300
  • Hummel, M.; Rosenkranz, C.; Holten, R. (2014): The Role of Direct and Indirect Communication in Information Systems Development Teams: A Multiple Case Study on Social Agile Practices. In: Communications of the Association for Information Systems.
  • Rosenkranz, C.; Vranesic, H.; Holten, R. (2014): Boundary Interactions and Motors of Change in Requirements Elicitation. In: Journal of the Association for Information Systems. Volume 15, Issue 6, 306–345.
  • Hummel, M.; Rosenkranz, C.; Holten, R.: Die Bedeutung von Kommunikation bei der agilen Systementwicklung: Aktueller Stand der Forschung / The Role of Communication in Agile Systems Development: An Analysis of the State-of-the-Art. WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATIK 55 (2013) 5, 347-360, doi: 10.1007/s11576-013-0376-0 / Business & Information Systems Engineering 5 (2013) 5, 343-355, doi: 10.1007/s12599-013-0282-4. 
  • Rosenkranz, N.; Eckhardt, A.; Kühne, M.; Rosenkranz, C.: Gesundheitsinformationen im Internet: Bestandsaufnahme und Analyse / Health Information on the Internet: State-of-the-Art and Analysis. WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATIK 55 (2013) 4, 257-273, doi: 10.1007/s11576-013-0369-z. / Business & Information Systems Engineering 5 (2013) 4, 259-274, doi: 10.1007/s12599-013-0274-4.
  • Rosenkranz, C.; Corvera Charaf, M.; Holten, R.: Language Quality in Requirements Development: Tracing Communication in the Process of Information Systems Development. Journal of Information Technology 28 (2013) 3, 198-223, doi: 10.1057/jit.2012.33. 
  • Corvera Charaf, M.; Rosenkranz, C.; Holten, R.: The Emergence of Shared Language: Applying Functional Pragmatics to Study the Requirements Development Process. Information Systems Journal 23 (2013) 2, 115-135, Special Issue on New Trends in Information Systems Development, doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2575.2012.00408.x.
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  • Lönngren, H.-M.; Rosenkranz, C.; Kolbe, H.: Aggregated construction supply chains: success factors in implementation of strategic partnerships. Supply Chain Management 15 (2010) 5, 404-411, doi:10.1108/13598541011068297.