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Dirk Sliwka

Dirk Sliwka - Seminar of Personnel Economics and Human Resource Management

Research focuses

Incentive Design, Human Resource Management, Performance Management, Performance Appraisals, Management Accounting

Curriculum vitae

Positions & Employment

  • 2004-    Full Professor of Management, University of Cologne
  • 2000-2003 Assistant Professor (wissenschaftlicher Assistent), University of Bonn
  • 1999-2000 Consultant Management Accounting, SAP AG
  • 1998-1999 Research Assistant University of Bonn

Academic Qualifications and Education

  • 2004 Habilitation and venia legendi in Business Administration, University of Bonn (Thesis title: Performance Measurement, Responsibility, and Incentives)
  • 1999 Dr. rer. pol., University of Bonn and European Doctoral Programme in Quantitative Economics (Thesis title: On Incentives and the Decentralization of Decisions in Organizations)
  • 1996-97 Visiting PhD student London School of Economics (LSE)
  • 1995 Diplom Volkswirt, University of Bonn
  • 1994-95 Exchange student at École Nationale de la Statistique et de l'Administration Économique (ENSAE) in Paris

Honors, Awards, and Grants

  • 2007-2021: Listed among Personalmagazin’s 40 leading heads in Human Resource Management in Germany
  • 2015: Albertus-Magnus Prize awarded by the students of the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences
  • 2013: Hans-Kelsen Research Prize of the University of Cologne
  • 2013: Albertus-Magnus Prize awarded by the students of the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences
  • 2010: Prize HR Researcher of the Year (awarded by Haufe, Deutscher Gesellschaft für Personalführung, HR Allianz, BDA)

Affiliations and other Professional Activities

  • 2019-    Member of the scientific advisory council of the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) of the German Federal Employment Agency
  • 2018-    Principal investigator of the Excellence Cluster Econtribute of the Universities Cologne and Bonn (2018-21 member of its steering committee)
  • 2018-    Associate editor Management Science
  • 2017-    Research affiliate Reinhard Selten Institute
  • 2016-    Member of the executive board of the Excellence Center for Social and Economic Behavior (C-SEB), Cologne

Selected publications

  • Manthei, K., Sliwka, D., & Vogelsang, T. (2023). Information, incentives, and attention: A field experiment on the interaction of management controls. The Accounting Review.
  • Manthei, K., Sliwka, D., & Vogelsang, T. (2022). Talking about Performance or Paying for it? Evidence from a Field Experiment. Management Science.
  • Manthei, K., Sliwka, D., & Vogelsang, T. (2021). Performance Pay and Prior Learning: Evidence from a Retail Chain. Management Science, 67(11), 6998-7022.
  • Manthei, K. and Sliwka, D. (2019). Multitasking and Subjective Performance Evaluations - Theory and Evidence from a Field Experiment in a Bank. Management Science, 65(12), 5861-5883.
  • Khalmetski, K. and Sliwka, D. (2019). Disguising Lies - Image Concerns and Partial Lying in Cheating Games. American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 11(4), 79-110
  • Fischer, M., and Sliwka, D. (2018). Confidence in Knowledge or Confidence in the Ability to Learn: An Experiment on the Causal Effects of Beliefs on Motivation. Games and Economic Behavior, 111, 122-142.
  • Kampkötter, P. and Sliwka, D. (2018). More Dispersion, Higher Bonuses? On Differentiation in Subjective Performance Evaluations. Journal of Labor Economics, 36(2), 511-549.
  • Sliwka, D. and Werner, P. (2017). Wage increases and the dynamics of reciprocity. Journal of Labor Economics, 35(2), 299-344.
  • Danilov, A. and Sliwka, D. (2016). Can contracts signal social norms? Experimental evidence. Management Science, 63(2), 459-476.
  • Kampkötter, P., Harbring, C. and Sliwka, D. (2016). Job rotation and employee performance–evidence from a longitudinal study in the financial services industry. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 1-27.
  • Ockenfels, A., Sliwka, D. and Werner, P. (2015). Bonus Payments and Reference Point Violations. Management Science, 61(7): 1496-1513.
  • Berger, J., Harbring, C., and Sliwka, D. (2013). Performance Appraisals and the Impact of Forced Distribution—An Experimental Investigation. Management Science, 59(1), 54-68.
  • Mohnen, A., Pokorny, K, and Sliwka, D. (2008). Transparency, Inequity Aversion, and the Dynamics of Peer Pressure in Teams - Theory and Evidence. Journal of Labor Economics 26, 693-720.
  • Sliwka, D. (2007). Managerial Turnover and Strategic Change. Management Science 53(11), 1675-1687.
  • Sliwka, D. (2007). Trust as a Signal of a Social Norm and the Hidden Costs of Incentive Schemes, American Economic Review 97(3), 999-1012.