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Enrollment Periods

For detailed information on the enrolment phases, please take a look at the list of enrolable WiSo courses. (Please note that this list may change at any time).

For information regarding the courses specifically intended for your degree programme, please consult your module guide.


The course catalogue in KLIPS will be published on 30/01/2024.


The first enrolment period takes place from 31/01/2024 to 13/02/2024.

In the first enrolment phase, selected courses with limited participation, especially in business administration and economics, are taken.

The publication of the allocation results will take place on 22/02/2024!

After publication of the results, your prioritisation will be deleted.


The second enrollment period is taking place from 29/02/24 to 21/03/2024.

The majority of all courses are taken during the second enrolment phase. Please note that courses with restricted enrolment, usually seminars, must often already be enrolled in during the first enrolment phase (except for seminars in the social sciences).

The results will be published on 03/04/2024.

After publication of the results, your prioritisation will be deleted.


The allocation of remaining places starts at the WiSo as of 05/04/2024.

During the enrollment period of remaining places, only REMAINING places from individual events or individual groups of events (e.g. tutorials) will be allocated! If there are still free places in some events, these will be made available for registration in KLIPS 2.0.
You will be directly admitted to the events during the allocation of the remaining places (the "First-Come-First-Serve"-principle is applied). You can view your admission in your KLIPS area under "Studies - LV registration/deregistration". With an admission, you will normally become a course member of the corresponding ILIAS course within one to two working days, which you will then find on your "personal desk".


Remaining places at the Institute for Sociology and Social Psychology (ISS):

For courses of the ISS (Institute for Sociology and Social Psychology) you will not be admitted immediately, but a new place will be allocated by KLIPS 2.0 after the period of remaining place has ended.

You can only get one seminar place per module in the allocation of remaining places, also. If you have already been admitted to a seminar and would like to change to another seminar with free places within this module during the allocation of the remaining places, you must cancel your registration. Only then can your new request be considered in the new allocation period.

Please note: The allocation of places among the remaining places follows the same rules as the first allocation period. If more registrations are received for a seminar than there are still free places available, not all requests for admission can lead to a spot being retained.

Course allocation procedure at the WiSo faculty

If you have chosen a course during one of the above mentioned enrollment periods, and wish to obtain a place in it, you will automatically go through a ranking process, for this specific course. Therefore, you will be assigned a number as follows:

Example: 05 0078 9 9998 9341

The first two digits (05) represent the current semester you are in (in this case you are in the 5th semester).

The following four digits (0078) represent the number of ECTS credits you have achieved so far.

The next digit shows whether the course you have chosen is relevant for your studies. "9" means that this is the case, while "6" means that the course is not part of your studies.

Next, you will see 4 digits that represent your personal prioritisation of this course and finally 4 digits that represent a lot, as they are randomly generated.

Based on this specific sequence of numbers, you will then be assigned a place on the list in the process of the ranking procedure, which will decide whether or not you will receive a seat. You can also find more information on the differences between ranking procedures here.

Please note:

Registration for a course is not the same as registration for the exam! This is done separately and the dates vary depending on the type of course. Please consult the respective course to find out by when you have to register for the exam.