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What is KLIPS in the first place?

KLIPS is the Campus Management System of the University of Cologne. It is the most important instrument for the organisation of your studies and therefore highly relevant for all students of the WiSo-Faculty. Via KLIPS you can register/deregister for courses and exams, view your personal exam results, the grades of specific courses, the current course catalogue and create your personal timetable. On the following pages you will find helpful information and instructions on how to use KLIPS.


The above mentioned notes are specifically relevant for the WiSo-Faculty. However, there are some general notes, such as those regarding the updating of personal data via KLIPS, which can be found on the Central University Klips Support page.

General information on KLIPS as the campus management system of the University of Cologne can be found here. There you can also send a support request by e-mail in case of problems.

The WiSo Student Service Point also offers the possibility of specific advice on various topics, including KLIPS. Booking links for digital or face-to-face consultation can be found on the Service Point page.


Registering for courses

Courses at the University of Cologne are taken via KLIPS. Please note the specific registration periods in which the courses are open for registration. Please refer to the table on the main page for the dates of the current registration period or, for more details, to the page "registration phases".

It is essential that you register for the course you wish to attend during the booking phase for which your course has been activated. A later registration is unfortunately not possible. Please refer to the list of available courses and in particular to the text highlighted in green within the specific course.

A step-by-step guide in video format can also be found here.

Prioritazing of registered courses

After you have registered your desired courses, it is essential that you prioritize them. If you do not do this, you will significantly reduce your chances of getting the courses you want.

To prioritise, go to the tab "Course registration" under "Studies" in KLIPS and click on "Prioritise requests" under "Operations" in the top right-hand corner.

In the following window you can then use the drop-down menu to set priorities. You will find a presentation with detailed information here and also on our page Video tutorials again.

Examination registration

The registration for exams is done in Klips separately from the registration for the course. It is important that you stick to the deadlines. You can find detailed information on this on our page "About courses and exams" under the tab "About exams".