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Master of Science

Master Business Administration - Supply Chain Management

Managing internal and cross-company Value Chains

If you’re already studying Supply Chain Management and would like to find out more about specific details of your Master’s programme, you’ll find what you’re looking for on the Pages relating the Programme structure of the Master Business Administration – Supply Chain Management.

Key Facts

Degree: Master of Science
Duration: 4 Semesters
Credits: 120 ECTS
Language: English
Content: The programme focusses on the design and optimisation of materials and information flows in development, production, logistics and service processes.
International: 1 Semester Abroad

This programme provides you with:

  • a broad set of academic approaches as well as highly sought-after method competencies.
  • the ability to analyse and predict managerial problems and comprehensive data situations using statistical and mathe- matical methods and models and to derive data-based decision recommendations.
  • the capacity to understand and act on corporate values, compliance, social responsibility, the interaction of various internal functions as well as the cross-company coordination within the value chain.
  • access to a comprehensive company network and practical exposure.

In Supply Chain Management you learn and practice theories, methods and decision-making approaches for internal and cross-company value chains. This knowledge includes strategy development and implementation, logistics and production management, planning, optimisation and innovation in value chains.


I enrolled in the SCM Master Programme because of the variety of different courses to choose from. This gave me many opportunities to find a specialization that fits my interests. All courses combine current challenges of practitioners with state-of-the-art scientific research. These learnings are therefore highly relevant for the business world.

Philipp, Student of Master Business Administration Supply Chain Management at the WiSo Faculty

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This programme is right for you if you:

  • have successfully completed a bachelor’s or equivalent degree in management, business administration or economics have a strong academic interest in business management, business engineering, business informatics, or related university programmess with quantitative, international and real-world problem orientations.
  • work as a team player, because working in groups is often practiced in seminars and is an important key factor for later work in companies.
  • are internationally focused as well as open-minded, have a wide range of interests, and are eager to learn new things. are ready to take the next step in your career in a leading supply-chain-management-related position in the corporate or academic world.

Business Administration Major Supply Chain Management - Master of Science

Programme Overview

Preparing you for future challenges

This programme is characterised by its strong balance of theoretical rigor and practical relevance. Both aspects are critical. We build on a strong research reputation which consistently excels in various competitive research ratings. We regularly publish in the leading academic journals globally and present our work at leading conferences. Moreover, since most of the research is empirical in nature, collaboration with organisations is natural to the department’s members.

Thus, by being close to businesses, a clear focus lies on the investigation of current business challenges. In addition to translating our research knowledge into the current course offerings, we cover a set of very contemporaneous subjects. Of course, the impact of the digital transformation as a trend is felt throughout all areas of instruction.

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Chat with a student

Do you want first-hand insights and experiences about the Master Business Administration - Supply Chain Management and the Student life at the University of Cologne from WiSo students?
Then don't hesitate and Chat with a student!

Business Project

One highlight of the curriculum is a business project during which you work on current managerial topics in close cooperation with a company representative. The project’s goal is to apply scientific theories and methods to the issues at hand and to de- rive concrete recommendations. It includes conceptual and application-oriented elements, such as student presentations, case studies, discussions and guest speakers from the field.

Fabian Sting

We are extremely proud of our Supply Chain Management graduates who effectively help solve real-world challenges in global supply chains. They make a difference by applying state-of-the-art SCM knowledge and analytical tools.

Fabian Sting, Professor and Academic Director Master Business Administration - Supply Chain Management

Link to the practical world

One strong feature of the programme is the practical contact you, as a student, will receive. Guest lecturers and practice seminars establish and promote direct exchange between companies and students. We emphasise academic rigor and practical relevance to educate you through broadly-skilled and international supply chain leaders.

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English taught programme

The majority of this master programme is internationally oriented. Many courses deal with topics from the field of international management, and a lot of the case studies focus on globalised companies. Students come from different countries and cultural backgrounds, further fostering internationalisation. Hence, studies occur in an environment that is international and intercultural.

Semester abroad

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of all available opportunities to gain your own international experienc.e Our cooperation agreements with an extensive number of excellent partner universities worldwide, including Erasmus agreements with a broad range of European universities, provide you with attractive options for spending your semester abroad. We are happy to advise you on your options. Students wishing to organise their semester abroad themselves can do so as a freemover. In addition to a semester abroad, you can enrich your studies by taking part in one of our short programmes such as WiSo@NYC or a summer school abroad, or complete an internship abroad with financial support offered by Erasmus.

Broad international network

With its balanced theoretical and practical approach, the internationally focused master’s programme prepares you for a career in international work environments and enables you to work for internationalised companies.In addition to this, the WiSo Faculty has a strong alumni network.

Career Opportunities

The M.Sc. in SCM aims to educate future managers and founders, who work across industries including in logistics and production planning, in strategic purchasing, in product and process development, in IT consulting or in the management of cross-company technology projects.
Equally, our alumni are employed across all sectors and across all value chain stages—ranging from manufacturing and distribution to retailing and services.

Lukas Schmitz

Studying enabled me to think logically and systematically about concrete and abstract problems. For me, it is important to thoroughly reflect on the solutions developed and the associated effects before making a decision.

Lukas Schmitz, Director Supply Chain Management Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Sprüngli GmbH and Alumnus of the Faculty

Exemplary job opportunities

  • Supply Chain Management in various Industries
  • Category Management and Online Retailing Managers
  • Strategic Procurement and Purchasing Management
  • Manufacturing and Logistics Planning
  • New Product and Service Development
  • Project and Technology Management
  • Global Digitalisation
  • Trainee Programmes
  • Managing Positions
  • Start-upsConsulting

The WiSo Faculty and the University’s Excellence Start Up Center offer networking and idea-generation support if students are interested in forming a start-up company!

For all those who are interested in academic research after finishing their master studies, the supply chain management area provides students who have competitive master scores with the possibility for admittance into a postgraduate programme (Ph.D.). At the same time, the MSc. degree is an excellent base for applying for graduate degree programmes at other national and international universities.

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All information about the Master's application at the WiSo Faculty.

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