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M.Sc. Business Administration

Accounting and Taxation

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The primary focus of this Major in MSc Business Administration is on the instrument of internal and external accounting, including tax accounting. Key elements of the curriculum include basic rules on presenting accounting information, incentive effects and various instruments, analysis of accounting data and impact analysis.

Key Issues

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of financial accounting and auditing, international financial accounting, controlling and tax accounting
  • Analyse current economic and legal questions and challenges regarding business taxation, controlling, annual financial statements analysis and accounting data
  • Deduce behavioural patterns from theory
  • Become a leading expert in your field
  • Meet potential employers during the programme in courses and career events like the WiSo jobfair

Business Administration - Accounting and Taxation

Career Opportunities

Graduates can look forward to excellent career opportunities in managemnt roles, corporate accounting departments and, in particular, with specialist service providers (accounting/tax consultancy firms and other consultancies). But core accounting skills are also necessary for a wide range of financial sector jobs (e.g. corporate banking, investment banking and financial analysis). The M.Sc. Business Administration widens your knowledge gained in your bachelor studies, giving you advanced knowledge and makes you an expertise in your chosen field respective area. For many managing positions in different industries and for certain professions in research and teaching, a master is indispensable. As the University of Cologne is state-funded, there are no tuition fees, just biannual "semester contribution" of slightly more than 250 euros. This includes the "semester ticket" for public transportation throughout Cologne's home state of North Rhine- Westphalia. So, with us, you can invest in an excellent education - and your future - without paying a fortune.

Practical Experience

As a student of the WiSo Faculty, you gain from an approach that is based on theory and methods, combining both research and teaching with practical elements. The teaching at our Faculty has benefited from many years of experience in working with companies and visiting lecturers from different professional fields. Many of the visiting lecturers are professionals and managers who bring important industry experience to the programmes, resulting in sector-specific, up-to-date programme content for our students. This ensures that the programmes reflect the real world and that they thus combine the practice and the theory, whilst also promoting knowledge-sharing between companies and you, the student.


Michael Overesch

An advanced knowledge of accounting, financial reporting and business taxes plays a vital role in the management of any business.

Michael Overesch, Professor and Director of the Department of Financial Accounting and Business Taxation

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