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WiWo Ranking 2022 - top positions for the WiSo Faculty

University of Cologne again top academy for business administration, economics and information systems.

A group of nine students jump up in front of the entrance of the WiSo building

Best career prospects for WiSo graduates! This is also confirmed in 2022 by the WiWo university ranking (personnel ranking). In 2022, the University of Cologne ranked 3rd in business administration, 5th in economics and 3rd in information systems in Germany. This year, the WiSo faculty can continue their series of successes.

Every year, Wirtschaftswoche surveys HR managers from more than 500 companies for the ranking, from which universities they prefer to recruit their employees and what is important to them. Due to this survey design, the WiWo university ranking, carried out by the consulting company Universum, is considered to be particularly independent and practical orientated. We are all the more pleased that the WiSo faculty is again one of the top training centers, even compared to private universities.

According to their own statements, the recruiters surveyed attached particular importance to the personality of the applicants and their social commitment this year, in addition to professional criteria. Self-reliance entrepreneurial spirit and empathy are also becoming increasingly important. Not only Prof. Ulrich Thonemann sees the WiSo's future-oriented course confirmed by the excellent ranking positions in this context: "We have redesigned our entire portfolio of courses in order to respond even better to the requirements of employers," says the WiSo Dean.

WiWo Ranking 2022
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