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„Outstanding course“

CEMS MIM Model UNFCCC honored as "outstanding contribution“

The semester programme of the CEMS Masters International Management of the WiSo Faculty of the University of Cologne includes the model UNFCCC, as a simulation conference of the UN climate negotiations. 180 students from 30 nations met this year at Cologne from 10 to 12 May to reach a consensus to keep global climate change below 2 degrees - as agreed in the Paris Climate Protection Agreement.
In the role of real participants in negotiations, the students were able to test in practice, as scientists, politicians and company representative*, the skills necessary to meet the challenges of climate change in leading positions.

At the "CEMS Annual Event" last weekend in Vienna, the CEMS Global Alliance presented the CEMS Model UNFCCC climate change course with the "Outstanding Contribution to the CEMS MIM Award" as an outstanding contribution to the CEMS MIM. We are pleased about the recognition and thank all participants of the conference in May and last but not least the colleagues who contributed to make the conference an instructive success.

The CEMS Master's Programme in International Management is based on a cooperation of leading business schools and universities worldwide with multinational companies and NGOs. It teaches management skills in an international context. The climate negotiation simulation is officially supported by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).