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CEMS alumni interview with Alexander Schuett.

CEMS Alumni Alexander Schuett. Front view, smiling waering a suit, in front of a grey background.

A good network is characterised by the fact that all partners benefit together. Rarely is this as evident as in the case of CEMS*- and WiSo-alumnus Alexander Schuett (Master International Management (CEMS MIM) 2014) and CEMS Corporate Partner DHL-Consulting (DHLC).

The opportunity to meet DHLC arose at a case study event in Cologne, and he was instantly hooked, Alex reports. "I originally intended to join an Inhouse Consultancy to kick-start my career, pursue two or three years with the company in consulting before moving on. But there’s something about this organisation that has kept me here and still motivates me every day after seven years.“

What motivates him every day, what distinguishes "CEMSies" and what makes the special something of DHLC, reports Alexander Schuett - today, by the way, Vice President and Head of DLC-Consulting Americas - in the current contribution to the CEMS interview series "Corporate Insights". Last but not least, an exciting practical insight into a sector that has been affected by the global pandemic in both negative and positive way like hardly any other.

* The CEMS network is a Global Alliance of 34 leading business schools across five continents and more than 70 multinational corporations and NGOs that jointly offer the CEMS Master in International Management (CEMS MIM). Only one among the most reputed schools of a country can become a member of the alliance. The University of Cologne represents Germany.