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Future Prize of the University of Cologne

Award for Prof. Dr Zimmermann from the WiSo Faculty

The picture shows Prof. Zimmermann

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With the Future Prize, the University of Cologne supports excellent scientists in the fields of natural and life sciences, the humanities, law and economics every year. In 2022, five scientists received awards for their outstanding research achievements. In this way, the University of Cologne promotes and rewards individual excellence as the core of scientific progress.

This year, Prof. Dr Tom Zimmermann from the Institute for Econometrics and Statistics of the WiSo Faculty was awarded the Hans Kelsen Prize. Professor Zimmermann has been with the faculty since 2018. His research focuses on the use of technologies such as machine learning to evaluate large amounts of data.

The Future Awards 2022 at a glance:

  • Hans Kelsen Prize:
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Katzenmeier (Institute for Medical Law)
  • Hans Kelsen Prize for young scientists:
  • Jun.-Prof. Dr Tom Zimmermann (Professorship for Data Analytics)
  • Leo Spitzer Prize:
    Prof. Dr. dr h.c. Andreas Speer (Thomas Institute / a.r.t.e.s. Graduate School)
  • Leo Spitzer Prize for young scientists:
    Dr Angela Dorrough (Social Cognition Center Cologne)
  • Max Delbrück Prize for young scientists:
    Dr Ciarán Hickey (Institute for Theoretical Physics)

The research awards are each endowed with 60,000 euros per year for a total of two years, or 30,000 euros per year for two years for young scientists.