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Children with same-sex parents are socially well-adjusted

Same-sex families have strong resilience – new study by Mirjam Fischer

Why people get vaccinated

ISS scientists identify factors that determine people's willingness to be vaccinated.

Pandemic: Fear decreases when measures work

It's the effect that counts, shows a survey experiment by WiSo professor Michael Bechtel.

Counseling improves individual educational decisions

WiSo scientists examine NRW school programme.

Import tariffs instead of energy embargo?

Scientists suggest how Europe can intelligently limit Russian oil and gas revenues.

WiWo Ranking 2022 - top positions for the WiSo Faculty

University of Cologne again top academy for business administration, economics and information systems.

Future Prize of the University of Cologne

Award for Prof. Dr Zimmermann from the WiSo Faculty

New WiSoAlumni Interview with Norman Schmitz

Norman Schmitz on global supply chains, sustainability and digitalisation.

60 Years of Leasing in Germany - The Significance of Leasing for Corporate Finance

43rd Symposium of the Research Institute for Leasing

Is the internet making us forgetful?

A study by Jun. Prof. Esther Kang provides answers.