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The "Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences (ERC-FMES)" reviews research in the social sciences and humanities in a professional, independent and appropriate manner. It promotes a sense of values in accordance with the standards of the social sciences and humanities as well as general scientific ethics as the basis for responsible conduct on the part of our researchers. It consists of three members whose terms of office overlap, so that in each year exactly one of the members (and his or her deputies) is replaced or re-elected. The committee members are independent and not bound by any instructions.

Please send inquiries and applications to the Ethics Committee to the following e-mail address:

Current members

Prof. Dr Karsten Hank
Prof. Dr Alexander Kempf
Prof. Dr Christopher Roth


All scientists associated with the WiSo Faculty are entitled to request an ethical review of their research projects by the committee. The review is based on a series of criteria as set out in the "Code of Ethics for Research in the Social and Behavioural Sciences Involving Human Subjects" of the WiSo Faculty, the "European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity", the ethical guidelines for the "Horizon 2020 Framework" of the European Commission, the data protection laws of the Federal Republic of Germany (BDSG) and of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (DSG NRW) as well as the relevant sections of the Basic Law (protection of personal rights and the right to informational self-determination pursuant to Art. 1 Para. 1 in conjunction with Art. 2 Para. 1). V. m. Art. 2 para. 1). GG).

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