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End of studies, graduation and awarding of certificates

It is a good tradition that once a semester the certificates and the diploma are handed over to the graduates in a ceremony. Therefore, the certificate and the diploma are only handed out at the graduation ceremony, which is held twice a year by the faculty. Further information and dates can be found on the homepage of the student council.

The following provisions apply to this period:

  • Each graduate is assigned to the date of the semi-annual examination ceremony of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences depending on the receipt of the assessment of the last examination required for the successful completion of the degree programme in the Examinations Office. This assignment is made if this last assessment is usually received in the Examinations Office up to four weeks before an examination ceremony. You can find the exact date here. Once the final assessment has been received, you will promptly receive a Provisional Confirmation of Completion in German and English as well as your final Transcript of Records. You can download digitally signed documents created from June 2024 onwards from your Student Dossier in KLIPS. You will also receive a sealed printout by post.

  • Graduation documents may be received in person at the exam ceremony. From the first working day after the exam celebration, the final documents can be collected in person during opening hours at the WiSo Student Service Point.

  • Furthermore, it is also possible to request in writing that your graduation documents be sent to you by post. Please note that sending documents by post is at your own risk. Any graduation documents that may have been damaged or lost in the post cannot be reissued in this form. Information on duplicates can be found here. Requests for mailing can be submitted from two weeks before the exam ceremony. The documents will be sent by registered mail from the first working day after the exam ceremony.

  • Please use the application form deposited here to apply for the mailing and enclose a copy of one of your photo IDs (ID card, driving licence or similar) (to avoid misuse). The application must be submitted in original with signature (no scanned signature). Please send us both pages of the application as single sheets, page 1 will be filed in your file, page 2 will be returned to you as cover sheet of the cover letter.

Bachelor's degree programme with educational science component

The final documents are issued by the Centre for Teacher Education (ZfL).