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Provisions for a change to the PO 2021

The Faculty has adopted new examination regulations (PO 2021) for the existing degree programs of the Faculty - with the exception of the Bachelor's program in Economics with Social Sciences. After approval by the Rectorate, these regulations will be valid from October 1, 2021. All students who begin their studies at the Faculty from this date onwards will only be able to take examinations in accordance with these examination regulations. Students who are already enrolled and admitted to the examination procedure in a degree program can still complete their studies according to the old examination regulations (PO 2015) up to and including the winter semester 2024/25 (Bachelor's degree programs) or (already expired) summer semester 2023 (Master's degree programs). Students of the bachelor's program in economics with social science (PO2015) can switch to the bachelor's program in economics (PO 2021). Provided that only the Bachelor's thesis and/or examinations in the Studium Integrale (for the Bachelor's degree programs) or the Master's thesis (for the Master's degree programs) still have to be successfully completed at this time, the studies can still be completed thereafter according to the conditions of the PO 2015.
ATTENTION: The registration for the Bachelor's thesis must be submitted by the end of the summer semester 2027 at the latest, the registration for the Master's thesis by the end of the winter semester 2025/26 at the latest!

In addition, these students have the opportunity to apply for a change to the new examination regulations before this date. The Joint Examination Committee adopted the regulations listed below at its meeting on 29.01.2024.
Please pay particular attention to the following aspects when making a possible decision to switch the examination regulations:

- Since an application for a change can only be submitted if all reported examinations have been evaluated at that time, it may be the case that in the case of examinations taken at the end of a semester, it won‘t be possible to register for examinations of the PO 2021, whose corresponding deadline ends before completion of the change.

- No overview of possible recognition of PO 2021 examinations based on examinations taken in PO 2015 will be published. Legally binding information on the recognition of examination achievements can only be given after the change has taken place and not in advance. Recognition is based on the general regulations of § 11 PO 2021. This means, for example, that the examination BM Accounting I will only be recognized according to PO 2021 if the three examinations BM Bilanz- und Erfolhgsrechnung, BM Kosten- und Leistungsrechnung (or BM Accounting) and BM Technik des betrieblichen Rechnungswesens have been successfully completed.

The decisions of the Joint Examination Committee are as follows:

Students who are in an examination procedure in a bachelor's or master's degree program of this faculty before 01.10.2021 may, upon application, change within their program to the newly accredited examination regulations that will be put into effect on 01.10.2021, students of the Bachelor's degree program in "Volkswirtschaftslehre sozialwissenschaftlicher Richtung" can switch to the Bachelor's degree program in Economics The following provisions apply to such a change:

- An application for transfer can be submitted after 01.10.2021. At the time of application, an assessment must be set in the campus management system for all of the student's reported examinations.

- Once the application has been submitted, it is no longer possible to register for further examinations according in the old examination procedure. Registration for examinations according to the new examination regulations is not yet possible at this point, but only after the entire changing procedure has been completed.

- The change to the examination regulations PO 2021 cannot be reversed.

- The recognition of examination achievements is carried out according to the provisions of § 11 PO 2021.

- After expiration of the recognition procedure, applicants will receive a transcript of records documenting the achievements according to PO 2015.


Application for change to the examination regulations 2021

Here you will find the form for requesting a change to the 2021 examination regulations. Informal requests for a change cannot be processed.

Applications can be submitted through the usual channels (by post, via the WiSo Student Service Point contact form, or by fax). Further information can be found here.