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Studium Integrale

Achievements in the area of Studium Integrale are not organised by the examination office. They are freely repeatable course achievements.

Studium Integrale comprises 12 credit points and is formally considered a module. The module remains ungraded. The Studium Integrale is offered by the faculties as well as by the Professional Center and the International Office of the University of Cologne. In the Studium Integrale, students may not take courses of their own degree programme or courses of their own subject that are designed exclusively for students of other degree programmes.

You can find the course programme in KLIPS 2.0.

Please note that achievements that you make during your studies at the University of Cologne can only be booked in Studium Integrale if the corresponding course is hooked into Studium Integrale in KLIPS 2, you have taken the course via the "Studium Integrale" area, have registered for the examination if applicable and no credit points have yet been booked on the corresponding node. Even if a course other than the one previously taken is attached to a node that has already been taken, each node can only be credited once. Crediting is carried out exclusively by the responsible institutes.

Pending registrations for courses in the Studium Integrale that lie in the future will be cancelled as soon as a student who has achieved 180 LP is determined to have passed the programme.