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Module specification and change of specialisation

If the check mark next to the W shown above is set, this means that you have committed yourself to the respective module.

Normally, this is done automatically by taking an exam in this module and does not have to be set by students at all. Should this nevertheless happen, it will be necessary to submit a written request for a change of specialisation to the examination office of the Wiso Faculty, or to do the same via the WISO App Portal.

Both ways, as well as information for the selection of modules or areas can be found here.

It can happen that you accidentally check the box in KLIPS to specify a particular module without also planning on taking an exam in this module.
This choice, as small as it may seem, restricts you to the module in this area as you continue your studies.

Please also note that even if you register for the exam, regardless of whether or not you cancel the exam in due time, you will already be commited to the module in question. In this case, you must take the above-mentioned steps through the examination office.

If there has been a PO-change in your degree programme, and therefore an old module which you have not yet completed, no longer exists in the same form (e.g. a change in the number of ECTS to be obtained, or a splitting or merging of modules), you are still committed to the obsolete module. In this case, the above-mentioned steps are also necessary for you.