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Everything about exams

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About Exams

Before Exam-registration

Please note that the registration for a course in KLIPS 2.0 does not constitute a registration for an exam. Therefore, you always have to take a separate registration for exams.

Exam Registration Instructions

Please inform in time about the deadlines for registration of your exams. Those can be found in KLIPS for every module.

Students studying according to the examination regulation 2015 and 2021 have to use KLIPS 2.0 for the management of exam registration. A guideline for the exemplarily registration of exams can be found following:



To register for the examination, please always select the "Study status". The application "Examination registration/deregistration" is used exclusively for the overview and deregistration of examinations.

Please note that there are two ways to register for exams at the WiSo-Faculty:

       2. Exams at the module (every open courses, with no participation limit):

            e.g. lectures


  1. Exams at the Course itself (courses with participation limitations): e.g. seminars

Please always read the instructions in the exam, since there you will find whether you are registering for the right one or not. Once you have decided on the correct registration method (there is always only one), the procedure for examinations at the course or at the module is identical. There will be an example of a module examination in the following.

Haben Sie sich für den korrekten Anmeldeweg (es gibt immer nur einen) entschieden, ist der Ablauf bei Prüfungen an der Veranstaltung oder dem Modul identisch. Im Folgenden exemplarisch an einer Modulprüfung beschrieben.

  1. Open the module in which you want to take the exam.
  2. Click on the green highlighted clip-board with the arrow in it under Module Final Exam. If the clip-board with the arrow is red, the registration/deregistration is not (no longer) possible! If it is grey, the exam date has not yet been determined! Alternatively, you can get to this view via the "study status", which you use to take courses.


You will now see the offered dates of the exam. At least one date should be visible here. If another date is already planned, you will also see this date.

You can now register for the exam by clicking the button "Register".

You will then have the opportunity to check your data again for verification and must then click on "Register" again.

You will receive a confirmation of your exam registration in the following window, which you close by clicking on "OK".

Under "My exam dates" you will now find your registered exams and can deregister here as well, if desired!

Please note that the course enrolment in KLIPS 2.0 does not represent a registration for the exam. The registration for exams has to be done separately in the respective time limits in KLIPS 2.0.

IMPORTANT HINT: Please take note that you commit to a module or a section of your Curriculum, when you register for an exam. Even if you cancel your registration for the exam again, the commitment will still be set. Exclusively the examination office is able to cancel the commitment. More information can be found on this website.

Inspection of exams

On the website below you can find all information regarding the inspection of exams that have been taken at the WiSo faculty. The chairs are asked to send the dates for inspection with the grading of the exams to the examination office. Usually the dates are published on this website within three workdays after transmission.

Current information and dates about the inspection you can find here.